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Fans queue outside the Nilton Santos stadium in Rio de Janeiro for Taylor Swift’s concert, which was postponed after a spectator died from the heat

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Brazil registered the highest temperature in the history of its measurements – 44.8°C, passing through a prolonged heat wave, the BBC reported.

The record was set on Sunday in the city of Arasuai, in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

The unprecedented weather has been attributed to the El Niño phenomenon and climate change.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the high temperature in Arasuai surpassed the previous record of 44.7°C, measured in 2005.

The heat has prompted severe weather warnings to be issued across the country, a month before the start of summer in the southern hemisphere.

It’s 39 degrees in Rio, it feels like 58.5C

High temperatures forced Taylor Swift to cancel one of her concerts in Rio de Janeiro after a fan died before her on Friday.

According to organizers, a 23-year-old woman died in hospital after feeling unwell outside while waiting for the concert to start. A video broadcast by the BBC shows the singer herself barely breathing as she tries to sing in the heat.

An official study published two weeks ago showed that the average temperature in Brazil was higher than previously measured values ​​from July to October.

No winter: El Niño will keep temperatures high until April

No winter: El Niño will keep temperatures high until April

Scientists say heat waves are getting longer and more intense in many places, and are expected to continue as long as humans continue to emit planet-warming greenhouse gases. The presence of El Nino is also associated with rising temperatures and extreme weather.

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