After a drama on the way to Turkey: the Ministry of Interior rescues Yordanka Hristova – Gossip

After a drama on the way to Turkey: the Ministry of Interior rescues Yordanka Hristova – Gossip
After a drama on the way to Turkey: the Ministry of Interior rescues Yordanka Hristova – Gossip

The Ministry of the Interior rescues Yordanka Hristova shortly before her grand anniversary concert today. Shortly before appearing on our first stage at the NDK, Dancheto returned from an excursion with her sister Lily in Turkey. Before her start, the singer of “My song, my love” had a flat tire, fortunately without serious problems. Two policemen help her change.

“I really like to drive, it was published somewhere that I have a young driver – well, there is no such thing, I drive myself. So we went with my sister to Kusadasi and I drove 1000 kilometers in nine hours. The ordeal that happened to me before we left from Bulgaria, however, it was very positive – we stopped in Svilengrad and at a sharp turn, I blew out the front right tire. And I went straight off because I was in a hurry. But luck! Two MIA officials from Svilengrad – Svetlio and Stoyan – helped me. I really want to I thank them. And in the evening we were already in Kusadasi safely. It’s very nice there, I’ve been there several times,” said Dancheto with a smile.

For her anniversary concert “Forever – 60 years on stage”, her sister Lily will not be able to stay because she lives in the USA.

“She and I go on excursions very often, we see each other at least twice a year. We love each other very much,” says Dancheto, writes Hotarena.

After falling and breaking her left arm some time ago, the singer also developed a knee problem. “At one point I became immobile and now I can’t do many yoga asanas anymore. I hardly squat, I only do the ones I can. Then I drink my mandatory two waters – one is hot with lemon and baking soda, the other is with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, honey and a little black pepper.And for the arthritis I have to drink water with homemade apple cider vinegar. I have been eating lean food for years, no meat. However, I was recently tempted – while my sister and I were together this summer, I ate tripe soup twice. But otherwise, I generally have dinner early – I eat before 8:00 p.m. And, of course, I don’t overeat,” says Dancheto.

Her beauty is also due to her care for her appearance, as she is the only Bulgarian singer without any interference in herself. “Even the teeth are mine,” smiles our talented entertainer. Her biggest support are her two children – her son Grigor and daughter Ivana.

“We love each other very much with my children, which is the most important thing. We hear each other many times during the day, I’m even annoying sometimes. They’re big and I haven’t controlled them for a long time. Now they control me and I’m very pleased,” she praises the children of Christ.

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