Georgi Valentinov: I know 100% that Zlatka slept with Blagoi, while he is supposedly my boyfriend!


“I am 100% sure that Zlatka and Blago’s relationship started while she was with me. That’s the bad thing about the whole thing.” These confessions were made by the ex of the blonde temptress, Georgi Valentinov, in a podcast that quickly spread on the Internet.

Zlatka cheated Zoro, who was in love with her

As is known, Valentinov proposed marriage to Zlatka on the stage of the show “Like two drops of water”. However, it never came to a wedding, because the star couple broke up. And months later, Raikova threw herself into the arms of Jesus. “I am the person who broke up with Zlatka. I said end. I just felt that she was not sincere and was cheating on me. Less than a month later, a friend called me and told me that he saw them training together with Blagoi in the Tsarsko Selo gym. In my opinion, they started meeting at least 4-5 months earlier,” Valentinov adds.

It was because of the theft of the sexy silicone MMA fighter and Blago, with whom they were very close, that they ended their friendship. That is, until earlier this year, when the two surprisingly ended up on Survivor. On the lonely island, the Machovians embraced and forgave each other.

Zhoro Valentinov and Blagoi Georgiev forgave each other in “Survivor”

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