Victoria Beckham and Rolls-Royce – the confession that David Beckham’s wife made about her father’s car


At the beginning of last month, there was a lot of noise surrounding David Beckham. The reason: Netflix released the documentary about his life Beckham.

When David also catches Victoria in a lie

The football player stands firmly on the ground

And one of the most talked about moments was when David pressed Victoria to tell the truth – what kind of car her father drove her to school in because she claimed her family was working class.

After some prodding, Victoria Beckham admitted that her father had a Rolls-Royce in the 1980s. A month later, David Beckham’s wife decided to once again demonstrate a sense of humor and self-irony.

@victoriabeckham I can’t fight it anymore, yes my dad drove me to school in a Rolls Royce! Kisses @David Beckham original sound –

On her TikTok account, Victoria posted a short video in which we see her wearing a white T-shirt with a black inscription: “My father had a Rolls-Royce.” In the video, she jokingly says that she can’t fight anymore and admits that her father used to drive her to school in that brand of car.

Do David and Victoria Beckham sleep in separate beds?

The question that concerns their fans

Victoria Beckham has even decided to gain more than sympathy with her sense of humor, because the description under the post makes it clear that anyone can order a similar T-shirt.

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