Stefania Koleva: Only two people call me Stefanson

Stefania Koleva: Only two people call me Stefanson
Stefania Koleva: Only two people call me Stefanson

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Actress Stefania Koleva in an interview for the morning block “Good Morning, Bulgaria” on Radio “Focus”

Mrs. Koleva, how do you manage to be so positive, smiling whenever you go out in front of people? Is this a mask or are you one in life?

No, I don’t just go through life with a silly smile.

I’m not saying she’s stupid.

This woman, dear, what is she smiling about? I try to create positive emotions and in general not to look so bleakly at the things that happen around us, although it is quite difficult. I don’t have any special recipe, maybe it comes from within.

Positive person. What does the acting profession give you because you are an acting actress?

It gives me a lot of opportunities to judge situations through the eyes of the character being interpreted, not only mine, but also the people I’m acting with in a show, be it a series or there depending on the work I have at the moment. It also sometimes gives me an opportunity to think about more existential things that happen in our lives and draw my own conclusions.

I.e. has the profession become your life?

Well yes.

How do you manage to save yourself and your family then?

This with storage is again a matter of personal fitness. I think there should be a measure of hygiene in any interaction between people, and I think that’s the thing that’s the reason things are working out at the moment.

How do you react to gossip about you? You are a famous person – do you get angry or pass them again with a smile?

Well, what can I tell you, sometimes I get very angry because they are terrible nonsense, but I try not to read at all, not to understand. There’s always someone to tell me, of course. I have a lot of fun with some, but others are overflowing with stupidity and carelessness, and insanity, and helplessness. And I’m just starting to wonder, well, what needs to happen for people to actually learn to write and make good news, and do more worthwhile things instead of spreading good rumors.

Your friends call you Stefanson. Why, where did this nickname come from?

Stefanson, I am only called Zdrava Kamenova and Bogdana Trifonova, with whom we have a trio, with which we have been performing for some time, a year and a half now. Now our third, life and health, is coming out on September 3 – “Extremely Inconvenient”.

“Extremely uncomfortable”.

Yes. They are a series. The first is “Extraordinary Situation”, the second is “Extraordinary Love” and now it is “Extremely Inconvenient”. These are real life stories, which are written and presented quite skillfully by Zdrava Kamenova, Bogdana Trifonova and Svetlja Tomov and played by us, the three . And actually, during the rehearsal period, Zdrava started calling me Stefanson. And that’s where this thing comes from. Otherwise, my friends call me Steffi

You have a beautiful daughter – Ekaterina, who was a high school graduate soon.


Will she follow in your footsteps? What do you advise her? Do you advise her at all, interfere in her life?

Well, of course we talk. These are the things of life and if we don’t talk to each other, maybe we won’t have good contact. I dare say we have good contact. No, she is focusing on architecture and is already a student this year.

Great, we wish her the best of luck. And what is your opinion about the Bulgarian series that have been broadcast in the last few years on the Bulgarian airwaves?

Well, what can I tell you, I honestly haven’t watched much. I’ve watched a few, quite a bit, due to – thank God – being busy. What I have seen is a maximum or two that I have curiosity and interest. I think things have changed a lot.

In what sense?

I don’t know if in a positive way, but I think that maybe this level of these series should be raised. This is my personal opinion. I think that the Bulgarian actor should not be omnivorous, I think that he should have a little character, demand and stand up for some things, regardless of whether he is offered work, so that somehow the level can be raised and not be seen as of something that will pass and go. I think that it is good for a person to leave some traces behind him so that he can be recognized, valued. His word is valued and to have a good attitude towards him, I mean professionally.

Yes. And what are you working on at the moment – for the end of our conversation, tell us.

Now the theater season begins at the National Theater, where I am on staff, and recovery rehearsals begin for the performances that began in the summer. Today, for example, we have a restorative rehearsal of “Capital (of) Mistake”. Performances by Sasho Morfov will also be restored. And in the new season – come to the theater.

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