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Emily Ratajkowski, Inamorata and her new sexy photos in a swimsuit

We can safely say that Emily Ratajkowski is back with a bang. Since she hasn’t been uploading to Instagram as often as she used to in recent months, we’ve been enjoying more and more of her posts for a while now. And what posts! Quite in her style – sexy and provocative. Here is another one.

Emily Ratajkowski does it herself

The model impressed everyone again

On Instagram, Emily uploaded photos from a concert she attended recently. And apart from the fact that it’s clear from them how much fun she had, we can’t ignore the sexy look she showed off at the event.

For the occasion, Emily Ratajkowski wore a swimsuit by Inamorata, her own brand. The Encinitas model is a one-piece swimsuit in white and orange-red stripes that resemble a zebra pattern, and retails for $160, Vogue writes.

But apart from the price, something else characteristic of this swimsuit is remarkable – the daring neckline and its rather cut bottom part, thanks to which there is not much left for our imagination.

It should be noted that Emily Ratajkowski did not go to an event only in a swimsuit. But it’s a fact that he caught our eye again with this provocation, which is on a whole other level because of the way it was executed. The model’s overall look for the evening is quite flirty, complete with a khaki mini skirt and cowboy boots.

Will Emily Ratajkowski be single again?

Rumors of infidelity are getting stronger

But the highlight remains the swimwear. And it can’t be otherwise. However, Emily continues to promote her own brand of clothing.

And in her previous Instagram posts, we’ve seen her in other Inamorata swimwear, but we can’t mind this one at all. On the contrary – we completely agree with Emily that the best way to advertise your products is when you yourself show that you like them and create them with desire.

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