Cameron Diaz, cinema, career and what the actress dreamed of doing

Cameron Diaz may have had a brilliant film career, but it turns out that she was far from dreaming of being an actress.

Cameron Diaz is back

Retirement is not for everyone

On August 30, the Charlie’s Angels star celebrated his 50th birthday. To mark the occasion, Entertainment Tonight takes a retrospective of Diaz’s career, going back in time to some of the first interviews with the actress. It turns out that her plan in the beginning was not to act in front of the camera at all.

Cameron Diaz always wanted to be a zoologist. “It was something I planned for most of my life,” she says.

In reality, the actress was never afraid of fame, nor did she have serious concerns about her face and name being recognized by people. “It’s not important to me to be a star. That my name is known is not something that is important to me,” she says.

Her film career began when Cameron Diaz was 21 years old with The Mask (1994), where she starred alongside Jim Carrey. And despite then having almost no experience in the cinema, the camera obviously loves her, and she went on to star in a number of hit productions such as Charlie’s Angels, Ah, That Mary, The Vacation, and more.

2014 turned out to be a turning point – the actress met the love of her life, Benji Madden. The following year, the two got married, and she gradually retreated from the limelight. In 2018, she officially announced her “retirement”, and a year later her daughter Radix cried.

Family is her biggest priority, but Cameron Diaz doesn’t deny that she misses acting.

Cameron Diaz’s Perfect Family

And what they celebrated in it

Commenting on the topic of work-family balance, she is of the opinion that every single person should know how to allocate that 100% of the time and energy they have in the different spheres of their lives. “Everyone should be aware of how much to give in the important things in life.”

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