Hours before her death, Lady Diana called her sons

She feared for her life and considered immigrating to the US

On August 31, 1997, Lady Diana called the British Queen’s Scottish residence asking to speak with her sons. William, 15 years old at the time, and Harry, 12 years old, rush to play with their cousins ​​and don’t listen much to what their mother is saying on the phone, and they expect to see her very soon. In fact, she’s calling to find out how they’re spending their vacation and to say she’ll be delaying her return from Paris to London by a few days. The reason is a political scandal broke out in England over her call for a ban on anti-personnel mines.

“My brother and I were in such a hurry to say goodbye to her

If we had known what was going to happen, I would not have been so indifferent,” Prince William will admit years later.

Diana also calls a friend and a royal correspondent. He tells them that he and his lover Dodi al-Fayed are not spending a peaceful vacation in France because they are constantly being chased by paparazzi. But no one at that time suspected that this inconvenience accompanying her life after her noisy divorce with the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, would become the cause of her death that very evening. And despite a 10-year, two-country investigation costing millions and the questioning of over 1,000 people, a quarter of a century later around 60% of people in the UK still believe there was a plot to eliminate her, and it wasn’t victim of an accidental accident in Paris.

Perhaps because Diana herself during her lifetime expressed doubts to several people that she could be killed because of the scandals caused around the British royal family.

“Today I sit here at my desk longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to be strong and hold my head high. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous.

My husband plans to crash my car,

breaking brakes and seriously injuring my head to clear the way and marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing more than a front, so he uses us in every sense of the word,” Diana wrote in an October 1995 note to her butler Paul Burrell. At the time, she was still married to Britain’s Crown Prince Charles, although they had been living apart since December 1992. She was tormented by thoughts of infidelities, betrayals and a misunderstanding on the part of the palace about what exactly she wanted to achieve with the publicity she gave to her private life. you are life Charles suspects that he is having an affair, in addition to his longtime lover Camilla Parker-Bowles, and their sons’ former nanny Tiggy.

Diana is wrong about her husband’s life, but her thoughts about her own future are prophetic. She did die in a car accident two years later, as the note in question predicted. The car in which she was riding with her lover Dodi al-Fayed was chased by paparazzi in Paris and crashed. The two perished, as did their driver, Henri Paul.

That she feared for her life was also testified by her former bodyguard Lee Sansom, who released a book about his work for Diana on the eve of the 25th anniversary of her death. In it, she tells how she asked him, crying, “Are they going to do this to me?” after learning that fashion designer Gianni Versace, with whom they were friends, had been shot dead outside his home in Florida. The princess tells her bodyguard that she wants to go live in the US to escape the constant pursuit of the media. At the time, she was vacationing with Dodi on a luxury yacht in Saint Tropez, which was constantly surrounded by paparazzi boats.

His father, the billionaire Mohammed al-Fayed, claimed the two were killed by British secret services and the crash was deliberately caused, not because their driver was speeding in an attempt to elude pursuing journalists. The Egyptian businessman paid a hefty sum for a private investigation into the matter, but it failed to find evidence of a conspiracy, although conspiracy theories surfaced periodically. They are usually released around the anniversaries of the tweezer’s death. And now there have been documentaries, books in which people from Diana’s circle present their versions of her death at only 36 years of age. In some, French and British police officers involved in the investigation of the fatal crash in Paris on August 31, 1997 also spoke. One of them said that

there were traces of white paint on the princess’s Mercedes

and this may be a golden thread for a new investigation of the incident. But this has already been done, after witnesses indicated that they saw a white Fiat Uno zigzagging in the Alma tunnel shortly before the car with Diana and Dodi entered it at high speed and crashed into a side column.

A similar car was driven by photographer Jean-Paul James Andanson, who was among the paparazzi chasing the couple. He repainted and sold his car a month after the two’s deaths, raising suspicions, but an investigation into the crash found him not to be at fault. However, suspicions of involvement remain to this day, especially after the photographer was found charred in a car in 2000. And while his death was ruled a suicide, claims are still circulating that he may have been involved in a plot to kill Diana, as too many people feared she might marry a Muslim.

Mohammed al-Fayed even claimed that she was pregnant with his son,

which shocked the palace and he launched a secret operation to kill her. All these versions were verified by both the French and the British police. Even Prince Charles was questioned about them because of the note in question, in which Diana pointed to him as a possible guarantor for her elimination. But no evidence of his guilt, as well as the intervention of the palace, was found.

Which, of course, doesn’t stop them from being replicated over and over again. After all, the princess was among the most famous and liked women in the world a quarter of a century ago. Perhaps because the change she forced into the British royal family continues to happen thanks to her sons, in the same slightly tortuous way she herself lived. The elder William stoically wears his cross as heir to the throne, but he always finds time for his family unlike his father Charles, and manages to turn this into an asset for his public image, rather than a disadvantage, as years ago was believed. The younger Harry decided to give up his royal duties and flee to the US to protect his wife Meghan from the “poison of the media” on the Island. He believes that his mother became her exact victim.

The gap between the two brothers today is so great that they did not find the strength to honor her memory together, as did hundreds of random people who gathered flowers on August 31 in front of Kensington Palace, where she lived.

Their estrangement began after Harry’s wedding to former American actress Meghan Markle. At first it was thought that she would continue the line of modernization of the monarchy started by her late mother-in-law, but she briefly caused so much scandal that the young family emigrated to the United States. On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death, Harry’s wife launched her own podcast about the labels attached to women, but it was not well received.

“I don’t think Diana would have been as big a fan of her as Meghan herself imagines,” commented Tina Brown, who was a friend of the late princess.

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