Leo DiCaprio replaced Camila with a more…

Leo DiCaprio replaced Camila with a more…
Leo DiCaprio replaced Camila with a more…

The ship of love for Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morone has sunk and probably will not be saved!

The 47-year-old actor and the 25-year-old model called it quits after more than four years together. The pair rarely appeared at social events hand-in-hand, but it was claimed that Leo had finally found the love of his life and was even considering following the example of his co-star George Clooney and becoming a father in his late years. The tabloids wrote several times about an engagement between DiCaprio and Morone, but it never happened. Instead, the separation was the next step for the couple, writes tialoto.bg.

And while some social media users mocked Leo for dumping his girlfriend just as she turned 25 to look for a younger girl, there were also people who wondered what the reason for yet another breakup was actor relationship.

While the ex-lovers managed to manage their busy schedules to find time for each other, a source says that their travels have increased recently, leading to the split. “Distance played its part,” says the insider, adding that the relationship between Leo and Camilla simply ran out.

The two sparked romance rumors in December 2017 when they were spotted together in Los Angeles. That same month, the model joined Leo and his friend Tobey Maguire for a short trip to Colorado. In April 2018, the couple was spotted at the Coachella music festival, where they no longer hid their relationship.

In 2019, Leo and Camilla attended the Cannes Film Festival together, after which the model responded to criticism regarding the 22-year age difference with her lover. “My God, people are so mean and full of anger towards people they don’t even know,” she said. Encourage the critics to learn to live with less hate and spend their time on something more important, because a life without anger is good for everyone.

That same year, Morone also gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times, where he again talked about the age difference with Leo. “There are so many relationships in Hollywood, and in world history, where people have big age gaps. I think everyone has the right to go out with whoever they want,” she said categorically.

While she indicated that she would also be interested if she was an outsider, Camilla said that people shouldn’t be defined by who they date.

The Internet mocked Leonardo DiCaprio
After it became clear that Leo had ended another relationship, users on social networks decided to poke fun at his back. Some pointed out that the development of things was clear from the beginning, since the actor did not date girls over the age of 25.

“3 things are certain in this life – death, taxes and Leonardo DiCaprio breaking up with his girlfriend before her prefrontal cortex is fully developed,” wrote one user. Another adds that the actor chooses younger ladies with the goal of teaching them how to protect nature and thus slow down global warming.

There were also moviegoers who noted that in 2023, the movie “Titanic” will be 25 years since its premiere, which means that Leo will not want to star in it.

So far, there is no official information regarding the breakup between Camila and DiCaprio, but sources say that the two have simply drifted apart. According to an insider, the split came naturally and there were no problems between the now ex-lovers.

He doesn’t date girls over 25
Leo’s long love story could inspire a whole movie series, but one thing is clear – he doesn’t date ladies over 25.

Gisele Bundchen

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In 2000, he began a relationship with Gisele Bündchen, when she was 18 and he was 25. The two broke up five years later, with the model revealing that the two just weren’t compatible as boyfriends. She added that she maintains her respect for the actor and wishes him all the best. And while Leo failed to find his eternal love, Bündchen is already married to Tom Brady and has children with him.

Bar Refaeli

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After Gisele, it was time for Bar Refaeli, who dated DiCaprio for six years. At the beginning, Leo was 25 and the model was 20 years old. The reason for the separation, according to sources, is that both were not ready for a serious relationship and family because they had busy careers.

The actor ended the relationship with Raffaelli in 2011, just when she turned 25 years old.

Blake Lively

For a short time in 2011, Leo also dated Blake Lively, who was then 23 years old. The two met at the Cannes Film Festival and had a brief romance together. They have been spotted on romantic dates in Venice and Los Angeles, with Lively even traveling to Australia to visit her beau on the set of The Great Gatsby.

In October 2011, however, it became clear that the actors decided to part amicably. The reason – busy schedules. Blake is currently married to Ryan Reynolds, with whom they have three daughters.

Tony Garn

German model Toni Garn was only 21 years old when she and Leo broke up after a two-year relationship. The couple enjoyed an 18-month romance from May 2013 to December 2014. According to tabloids, Garne ended the relationship after Leo was spotted leaving a club in Malibu in the company of 20 girls.

Nina Agdal

The romance between DiCaprio and Nina Agdal ended shortly after she turned 25 in 2017. During their relationship, the two were spotted vacationing in Ibiza, the Bahamas, and St. Barts.

Camilla Morone

The last lady on Leo’s “25” list was Camilla Morrone. She began a relationship with the actor when she was 20 years old and Leo was 42. However, on June 16, the model turned 25 years old, prompting many social media users to warn her that her relationship was over. Unfortunately for Morrone, the predictions were correct.

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