Emma Hemming, Bruce Willis, aphasia and how she overcame the difficult times after the actor’s diagnosis

In March, Bruce Willis’ family announced his retirement from acting due to health issues. After the announcement of the diagnosis of aphasia, both for Bruce, who suffers from it, and for his whole family, the difficult times unfortunately began.

Here’s what Bruce Willis does after the insidious diagnosis

Priceless moments with family

Emma Heming, wife of Bruce Willis, has previously spoken openly about how her husband’s illness affects her own mental health. However, it seems that she is a strong and fighting woman who is not afraid to face challenges and knows how to overcome them.

This very trait of her character is evident from her latest post on Instagram. In the video she uploaded, we see Emma keeping busy with various activities such as gardening, working out and painting. In the description of her post, she says that this summer is the summer of her self-discovery. And how did she achieve it?

“Finding new hobbies, getting out of my comfort zone and staying active,” Emma Hemming captioned her video. Apart from him, in the short text, she quite frankly admits that during this difficult period for the whole family, there is no way to get through it easily, but it is not impossible either.

“My grief can be paralyzing, but I’m learning to live with it.”

Bruce Willis’ last film

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These words are certainly encouraging, and Emma is not alone in her ordeal. She is strongly supported by Scout, her stepdaughter from Bruce Willis’ marriage to Demi Moore. According to her, “grief is the deepest and purest form of love” – ​​a wisdom that sounds comforting. But we have no doubt that Scout’s wishes for her to find peace for herself are also valuable to Emma Hemming.

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