Will wedding bells ring? The fatal Sanya Borisova grabbed…

Will wedding bells ring? The fatal Sanya Borisova grabbed…
Will wedding bells ring? The fatal Sanya Borisova grabbed…

The beautiful Sanya Borisova has apparently finally managed to forget her great love Niki Iliev and is enjoying a new thrill. However, the name of her alleged partner caused a real surprise. It is about the ex of Desi Slava – Blagoi Naydenov.

The blonde and the professional boxer were spotted having a coffee in the center of Sofia. The two were alone, talking sweetly and smiling at each other all the time. The 39-year-old actress and the athlete did not get intimate, but it was definitely clear that they knew each other and were not seeing each other for the first time.

“They may be just at the beginning of their relationship. They definitely don’t hide from the prying eyes. Both are now free and have no obstacles to hide their feelings,” commented eyewitnesses who were quite surprised at the sight of the couple.

It is known for Blagoi that he likes mature women who can not only be his khakis, but downright mothers. The 26-year-old spent several years with folk singer Desi Slava, who is 17 years older than him. She even gave him a son, Boris. The two got together and broke up several times, and a few months ago the folk singer admitted that they had finally ended their relationship, writes “Weekend”.

Desi Slava cited Blagoi’s pettiness as the reason for the end of their relationship. “He never cried in his life. Maybe she shed a tear when our child was born because she was present at his birth. However, I am very emotional, I cry at the slightest thing. When he remarked to me about small things, it also made me sad. For example, he would say to me: “Why is there a crumb in the kitchen now?” and I would cry. He told me that he doesn’t like dramas about small things,” the singer confessed some time ago. The athlete has not commented on the topic of the end of his relationship with Desi. He has not advertised relationships with other women, although there were rumors about his love affairs. Sanya Borisova is also known to like younger boys. She and director Niki Iliev separated in 2017-8, but officially divorced only 2 years ago.

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