Cindy Crawford with an unseen photo of her daughter as a baby

Cindy Crawford with an unseen photo of her daughter as a baby
Cindy Crawford with an unseen photo of her daughter as a baby

How the time flies?! This is the question asked by Cindy Crawford, celebrating her daughter’s birthday. On September 3, her miniature version turned 21. To mark the occasion, Cindy uploaded an unseen photo of the birthday girl as a baby.

The top model shared that she is extremely proud of her child, who has long been a woman and has her place in the world.

“Your curiosity, kindness and sense of adventure continue to inspire me. I am so happy to be on this journey of life with you! Continue to thrive this year and always – with so much love. Mom,” Cindy turns to the grown-up Kaia Gerber.

In the shot uploaded by Crawford, she is at most one year old, being held by her famous mother. It’s followed by a second in which the two are shot in the present day, in the middle of the desert.

In her Instagram story, Gerber hinted that the location in question where she was snapped with her mother was very special to her.

The birthday girl fell asleep

Meanwhile, instead of sharing a cake, balloons and party outfit post, Kaya shared a shot from bed. We don’t know if she slept in for her birthday or if she just wanted to say that at 21 she hopes to finally find time to sleep more.

In the photo, Gerber is wearing white trousers and a thin striped shirt, relaxing blissfully on a pillow.

At the beginning of July, the brother of the brunette who left following in Crawford’s footsteps, had a birthday. On this occasion, Kaia congratulated Presley, posting a photo of them together as children. They both have long hair on her.

Cindy Crawford loves to embarrass her children

The top model has repeatedly shared that she is very close to her son and daughter. But in an interview with Vogue magazine, she revealed that she often embarrasses them – something she doesn’t do on purpose.

“No matter how cool you are, you’re still not cool to your kids.” she admitted. And speaking of teenagers he adds: “There’s still an element where they’re ashamed of you and you’re like, ‘I’m not that embarrassing, really,’ but you’re still embarrassing your kids.” So I think in that way we’re just like everybody else.”

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