Britney Spears is furious and has nothing to hide anymore

Britney Spears is furious and has nothing to hide anymore
Britney Spears is furious and has nothing to hide anymore

A week after Britney Spears released a 22-minute audio recording of her 13 years living under the “control” of her father, with the tacit consent of her mother, brother and friends, she delivered a powerful message on Monday to his son Jaden Federline, reported “New York” magazine.

“You were just like my other family,” she said in a three-minute audio posted on Instagram. “You secretly liked to look at me like there was something wrong with me. I didn’t need a family hiding crap at home and whispering behind my back, feeling subconsciously guilty because I paid for every single thing in both houses – I needed unconditional love and support.”

The admissions came after Federline said in an interview for an upcoming documentary that he wanted his mother to “get better mentally” so he could see her again, adding that he and his brother Sean Preston had experienced “emotional trauma” over her.

The teenager also defended her grandparents Jamie and Lynn Spears, who have come under fire for their alleged role in keeping Spears in her 13-year conservatory. The pop star responded to those words by writing a post on Instagram in which she first clarified that her love for her children “knows no bounds” and then expressed displeasure with some of the comments of her youngest son.

Spears’ latest audio message expands on her reaction to the interview. In it, she suggests that her children “decide to be haters” because they didn’t value her as a person, but instead valued her money.

“I will pray for her, they say. Pray for what?” Spears asked. “Should I keep working so I can pay off mom’s court fees and her house? You want me to get better so I can continue to give your father 40 grand a month for maintenance? Or is the reason you guys hate it because it will basically be over in two years and you won’t get anything?” (The kids will turn 16 and 17 this month, respectively, with child support likely to end after their 18th birthday day.)

Spears didn’t fail to mention that her children leave visits with her two hours early and don’t pay her much attention unless she’s “playing it … a saint” and showering them with gifts and “amazing food.” . She ended her confession by declaring that her father should be in prison and that no God would allow what she had to go through. “I don’t believe in God anymore because of the way my kids and family treated me,” Spears concluded. “I have nothing to believe in anymore. I am an atheist.”

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