Gala, Patrashkova and Romina grabbed each other’s throats

Gala, Patrashkova and Romina grabbed each other’s throats
Gala, Patrashkova and Romina grabbed each other’s throats

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Gala and her panelists Kristina Patrashkova and Romina Tasevska went wild in the “Na Kafe” studio in a big debate about makeup for young and older women. The topic was started by the soccer wife, who told about a contestant in the “Miss England” pageant who appeared at the various levels of the competition without any make-up. Romina stated that this is a great example of how a young woman can break away from clichés and show her individuality.

Gala slightly contradicted the panelist, explaining that she did not understand what was so revolutionary about a young girl showing her natural beauty. “At 50, I constantly show myself without makeup,” added the host. Romina replied that maybe it is easier for a woman who is established in the profession and has found her way in life.

Patrashkova got involved first of all to oppose Tasevska and to say the opposite opinion of hers. The tension between the two was already felt last season in “On Coffee”. The journalist scolded the 2010 Miss Bulgaria that women should not be divided by age.

Romina tried to correct herself and said that she was talking about the problem of young women who do not like themselves because they are different from the unrealistically ideal images that are circulated on social networks. She said that she has a friend who was depressed on this very occasion and had to seek the help of a psychologist.

Such injuries due to the appearance lead to plastic corrections on the face and body, which, however, are widely disliked by society. This leads to a vicious circle of disappointments, explained the ladies from “Na Kafe”. The men in the studio were literally isolated from the debate, and Darin Angelov could only summarize: “Let Halloween be just one day a year, if you understand me correctly. We men don’t like a lot of makeup.”

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