Ryan Reynolds underwent a life-saving procedure

Ryan Reynolds underwent a life-saving procedure
Ryan Reynolds underwent a life-saving procedure

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are letting the cameras and viewers into their private lives for a good cause.

In a new video posted by colon cancer awareness organizationthe two actors and football club owners share their experiences with preventive colonoscopies. The initiative was made in conjunction with the Colon Cancer Alliance.

At the start of the video, Reynolds, 45, and McElhenny, 45, reveal they made a bet that if Rob learned Welsh, the actor Deadpool will let the cameras film the proceedings. It turns out that McElhenny has learned to speak Welshmeaning it remains to be seen if Reynolds will honor his end of the bargain.

The 45-year-old actor shared in the video that he already is time with his friend to have a colonoscopybecause they are adults and should pay more attention to their health. “It’s an easy step that literally, and I mean really literally, could save your life”Ryan says in the clip.

He is also keeping his end of the bargain as he is seen arriving at the clinic for the procedure. According to the doctor, everything takes only 30 minutes, and the test is very effective. After the colonoscopy, the medics tell Reynolds that they found a very fine polyp on the right side of his colon.

“It was a life saver for you, I’m not kidding and I’m not being dramatic,” says the actor’s doctor. He adds that this is exactly why they are made preventive colonoscopiesbecause in some people the disease states manifest themselves without symptoms.

A little later, the video also shows footage of the polyp itself. After the doctor explains how he removed it, he adds “You interrupted the natural history of a disease that could have developed into cancer and caused all kinds of problems”.

Although the bet between the two actors only told Reynolds to film his procedure, McElhenney also underwent a colonoscopy. He joked that he continues to compete with his friend. “They either find nothing and that means my colon is cleaner than his, or they find a polyp and it’s either bigger than his, which is great, or it’s smaller than his, which means I had a lower chance of developing cancer. Either way, I always win.” says the actor.

After the procedure, the doctor says he only has good news before telling Rob that he has three polypswhich are not big and it’s good that they discovered them in time and have already been removed.

The organization Lead from Behind was created in part with Maximum Effort, Reynolds’ creative agency. According to her, colonoscopy not only detects cancer, but also prevents it because about one in three people have a polyp in their bowel by the age of 45. It is the polyps that cause colon cancer.

The organization was founded by Brooks Bell, who was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer at age 38. According to her, polyps usually have no symptoms. However, a colonoscopy will find them and cut them out right away, preventing cancer.

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