Jada Pinkett Smith, hair, bald and how the actress celebrated Bare Head Day

Jada Pinkett Smith celebrates her beauty. She decided to salute all “my hairless brothers and sisters” on National Baldness Day in the US, September 13.

Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t hide her struggles

The actress spares nothing again

Do it by uploading a picture of yourself with a shaved head on Instagram. “Happy Bare Head Day to all my hairless brothers and sisters,” her post reads. And she’s earned more than 61,000 hearts from her followers, according to People.

The actress first spoke about her hair loss during an episode of Red Table Talk, the talk show she hosts, in 2018. In December last year, in a candid video showing one of the bare spots on her scalp, she also talked about life with alopecia.

It’s clear that Jada Pinkett Smith embraces her illness, and whenever she talks about it, she does so with a dose of humor and positivity.

“I can only laugh at this point,” she says as she runs her fingers over the bare spot. “… it just came out and it’s going to be a little hard to hide it. So I thought I’d just share it so you don’t ask questions.”

The actress’ shaved head became the talk of the town at the 94th Academy Awards in March when her husband Will Smith slammed Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke comparing her to Private Jane.

Is Chris Rock happy with Will Smith’s apology?

The comedian finally confessed

A few months later, the actor posted a video in which he apologized to Chris and his family for what happened. He then reached out to the comedian with an invitation to speak when he was ready. Since then, Chris Rock has only teased a few times referencing the incident. But until now he has not spoken directly and openly about the slap.

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