Alex Sarchadzhieva is beautiful at the wedding of Kalina Krumova and Bobby Turboto

Alex Sarchadzhieva is beautiful at the wedding of Kalina Krumova and Bobby Turboto
Alex Sarchadzhieva is beautiful at the wedding of Kalina Krumova and Bobby Turboto

Her daughter Sofia was a fabulous bridesmaid at the celebration

Alexandra Sarchadzhieva shared several photos from Kalina Krumova’s sea wedding with Borislav Zhelyazkov, known as Bobby Turboto. From the footage in her Instagram profile, it can be seen that at the celebration in question, which took place in mid-June in Sozopol, her daughter Sofia was a fabulously beautiful bridesmaid.

Of course, both Alex and Sofia look gorgeous in their gowns, with the mother in a light blue strappy outfit and the late actor Ivan Laskin’s daughter looking like a true princess in her classic off-the-shoulder white dress, cut from the waist down. Her dark hair is gathered in a beautiful bun, like the bride’s.

The television host, former MP and representative of the Ataka party in the 41st National Assembly married 31-year-old Bobby Turboto at the beginning of the summer after the two managed to hide their relationship for a whole year. The actress Alex is their close friend, and it is said that she is the one who introduced the lovers, who are now a family.

The newlywed became famous several years ago as one of the faces of Ivan and Andrey’s past show “Clash”. He and Kalina, 37, met and fell in love shortly after he won the Masked Singer form. You may remember that at the end of 2020, the winner of the musical reality show was Baba Yaga, in whose costume Bobby Turboto was hiding.

Recently, Bobby and his bride Kalina shared in an interview that they dream of a daughter. The former MP is already the mother of a 20-year-old son, Nikolai, who is currently a student in England. She became pregnant with him at the tender age of 17, at which time she also started working at the Burgas cable TV “Scat”, where she appeared in the morning block “Early News”.

The newlyweds recently returned from a honeymoon in Italy.

From the photos of the bride on social media, it is clear that the newlyweds have changed their outfits for the civil marriage and for the ceremony in the church and in the restaurant. In some shots, Bobby is in a black suit, and in others, he is wearing a deep blue suit. Kalina, on the other hand, first wears an elegant dress with a shorter length and with bare shoulders, and for the church she is in an ethereal lace dress with straps and a long veil.

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