Pappy Hans with an incredible confession to his boyfriend: I kiss you naked…

Pappy Hans’ half – actress and model Sara Draguleva, turned 26 on September 13. On this occasion, he publicly declared his love for her. Konstantin Trendafilov, as is the real name of the singer and writer, shared kind words about his boyfriend.

“Today is my girl’s birthday. My sunshine, happiness, love, angel. My girl. The only person who was able to love me. And who taught me how. I kiss your big dog heart. And thank you for being with me in spite of me. That’s why you will have the best me. And you probably won’t like the photos, but I like them because they weren’t made for uploading to Instagram. Just some pictures of us”, wrote the performer of the hit “Cupcake” and released several shots with Draguleva. It was clear from his verbal outburst that he has a rather difficult character and so far Sarah is the only one who has been able to put up with him.

The charming blonde and the singer have repeatedly told the story of their acquaintance. “A long time ago we met in a restaurant, I pretended to be interesting, but she played me. Then I texted her “Hey, what’s up? “We haven’t seen each other for 100 years” and she thought she answered me, Trendafilov said.

“I was pleased that he wrote to me. I answered him with my trademark “I haven’t seen you since I was little” and we started dating. For a month, I dragged him around yogis and mountains”, shared Sara, who gained popularity with her role as Gerry in the TV series “Brothers”.

The current hottie next to Papi has a variety of interests – she is a model for “Yvet Fashion”, she has participated in many photo shoots and commercials, and at the same time she graduated from NATFIZ. “She is the most talented actress I know and is the next big name on the scene!”, Trendafilov praises his beloved. And he adds that he cannot be with a woman who is not interested in art, because she would hardly understand his world. For this reason, after breaking up with the singer, Dara was alone for a long time, but love surprised him when he least expected it.

Acquaintances reveal that the couple already lives under the same roof. Their common interests brought them closer, and recently they decided to move on to the next step in their relationship. This is also the artist’s first attempt at family coexistence.

Before he met Sara, Papi said he was dedicated to his career. He couldn’t land a serious boyfriend, and because of his eccentric style, rumors started that he was swimming on the left bank. “Not gay. I have loud demands towards women, that’s why I was silent for a long time. Recently, I even condemned a media outlet that allowed it to write such nonsense!”, Konstantin shared.

Although his relationship with the blonde is going well, Papi is not thinking about heirs yet because he thinks they are both too young. He loves children very much, he is happy with his nephews, but he still does not feel ready to be a father and sees himself as a parent in the more distant future.

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