In a Bulgarian village, they received a thank you card from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

In a Bulgarian village, they received a thank you card from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
In a Bulgarian village, they received a thank you card from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

© Chitalishte “Izgrev” village Banichan


We couldn’t believe our eyes when we received a letter from the royal family. That’s what he said about the morning block “Good morning Bulgaria” on Radio “Focus” Rumyana Djibova, secretary of the community center “Izgrev – 1930” in the village of Banichan. The residents of the village of Banichan made two pairs of woolen socks with the characteristic embroidery of the village, adding laces twisted in the colors of the Bulgarian flag. They were specially intended for the wedding of a prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They sent them to the UK without waiting for a response. A few months later, however, they received a reverse response.

“Indeed, although we were happy and excited about the shipment, emotionally charged for this shipment, I would say skeptically, we said to ourselves, ‘Who will pay attention to our woolen socks, sent from a small village, which in any case the queen and everyone in the royal court don’t know where he is?” but after 2 months, literally 2 months it was after this incident, during which time we were expecting the parcel to be returned at any moment, but after two months we received a small letter, and it at home, left at the gate of the yard, which letter they had misread my daughter.

And they come inside, bring the letter, and say to me: “Well, mom, you have a letter”, unopened accordingly. And I say with a bit of a sneer: “Who is going to write to me right now?”. They handed the letter and I looked at it, and as I took the letter I said to them, really with a sneer it was, “Well, there’s no one else to write to me except my friend the Queen. I don’t expect anyone else.” And the moment they handed it, they really told me: “Well, we don’t know, it’s really from abroad, it’s not from Bulgaria”. The moment I picked it up and looked back at the envelope, it was indeed the letter from Kensington Palace. I don’t understand English, but I could read that it was from Kensington, and I said: “Oh, these really come from the royal court”. And that was somewhere around 5 or 10 minutes when we looked at him from all sides and we couldn’t believe our eyes,” said Rumyana Jibova.

“That’s how it happened. And then we already opened it very carefully, because some royal was coming, we say: “God, what is it?”. And when we opened we already saw the photo of Meghan and Harry from the wedding day,” she added.

Rumyana Jibova explained that the letter was in the form of a card with a photo of the two newlyweds. There was a thank you note on the back.

“It said that they appreciated our gift. It was touching. Really emotional. Even though time is moving away, it seems like it was yesterday for me, and it’s still touching for me.”

Rumyana Jibova specified that interest in the village of Banichani increased after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Now, even after the death of the Queen, there is more and more interest in our village, because besides these socks there really is something else for us to show. And people want to feel the exact place where these I would say priceless treasures were created, the place, where emotion can be experienced”.

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