Adam Levine admits to flirting with women online, but denies cheating on his wife

Adam Levine admits to flirting with women online, but denies cheating on his wife
Adam Levine admits to flirting with women online, but denies cheating on his wife

Adam Levine has spoken out following allegations that he cheated on his wife Behati Prinsloo and wanted to name their child after his alleged mistress, CNN reports.

“At the moment there is a lot of talk about me and I want to clarify the case, shedding light on the subject” the Maroon 5 frontman wrote in a statement on Instagram on Tuesday.

I made the mistake of communicating in a flirtatious manner with a woman other than my wife. I’m not having an affair, but I still crossed the line during a miserable time in my life“.

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The singer had to talk about the spicy topic because a young woman named Sumner Straw recently posted a video on Tik Tok that became a sensation on the social network, in which she said that she had been dating Levine for about a year. She also publicly shared messages claiming to be from him, when the correspondence actually appeared to be from his verified account.

I was young and naive at the time, and to be honest, I felt used” explained Stroh.

According to her, he even asked: “Okay, serious question. I have another baby and if it’s a boy I really want to name him Sumner, do you agree?she read aloud.

Levine and supermodel Behati have been married for 8 years and are expecting their third child. They are parents to Dusty Rose, 6, and Gio Grace, 4.

The musician also says that he has realized that his actions were inappropriate and has taken steps to correct this.

My wife and family are all I care about in this world. Being so naive and stupid as to risk the only thing that really mattered to me was the biggest mistake I could have made” he wrote. “I will never do that again. I take full responsibility. We’ll get through it together“says the musician.

Straw later posted another video admitting he felt remorse. In it, she explains that she was left with the impression that the star couple’s marriage was over and that’s why she allowed herself what she allowed herself, but when she realized that this was not the case – she “ended the affair”. She apologized to the pregnant Behati. “I’m sorry, I’m not the real victim in this case, Behati and the kids are“, somewhat hypocritically throws the person in question.

People reports, citing a source close to the Maroon 5 frontman, that he flirted with a total of three women during that period, one of whom claims they had physical contact, which he denies. Levine was known to crave female attention. This is how his friends explain his pranks.

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