Gala suffers from a hangover

Gala suffers from a hangover
Gala suffers from a hangover
The host of the boudoir show “Na Kafe” complained that she did not sleep because she was on the air directly from the birthday of Dimitar Rachkov, who, on top of that, was out of town.

It turned out that Gala left in the early hours of the morning from Mitko’s private party. She greeted the revelers, who continued to enjoy themselves well into the lunch hours, while she was due to comment on the Queen’s funeral.

Although she complained several times that she was sleep deprived and tired, Gala stoically spent the 150 minutes of her show, writes

Otherwise, Dimitar Rachkov’s 50th anniversary on Sunday night gathered stars and friends from the comedian’s closest circle.

Among his guests, in addition to Gala with Stefan, were Rafi, who surprisingly turned out to be the director of the new show “With Rachkov, everything is possible”, Gero with his wife.

Among the special guests was Rachkov’s mother-in-law, who is as beautiful as her daughter Anita

The celebration was also honored by Marta Vachkova, Vlado Penev, Viktor Kalev. Vasil Vasilev-Zueka, who apparently preferred to stay in Spain, where he already lives permanently, is not noticeable among those invited.

Dozens of famous people congratulated the comedian all day yesterday, including Zlatka Raykova and Sofi Marinova.

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