Shakira spoke about the breakup with Gerard Pique

Shakira spoke about the breakup with Gerard Pique
Shakira spoke about the breakup with Gerard Pique

Shakira commented for the first time on the breakup with soccer player Gerard Pique in an interview with the American magazine “Elle”. The stars split in June after more than 10 years together over Pique’s infidelity.

In the interview, Shakira admitted that she was generally going through a difficult time in her life – fighting for custody of her sons, as well as accusations of tax evasion. She described this period of her life as “one of the darkest”. Shakira also said that “writing music is like going to a psychiatrist, only cheaper,” and compared creativity to a raft that a drowning person clings to.

Shakira for the first time spoke in detail about how she experienced the breakup with Pique: “It’s really hard to talk about it in person, especially since it’s the first time I’m talking about this topic in an interview. I kept quiet and just tried to think things through. It’s hard for me to talk about it, especially because I’m still worried, because I’m in public, and because our breakup isn’t a normal breakup. So it was difficult not only for me but also for my children. Incredibly difficult. The paparazzi are on duty 24/7 in front of my house and I have nowhere to hide from them with the children, except at home. We can’t walk in the park like a normal family or eat ice cream or do anything without the paparazzi stalking us. So it’s hard.

And I tried to keep quiet about this situation in front of my children. I try to do it and protect them because that is my number one mission in life. But then they hear something at school from their friends or come across bad news on the web and it just hurts them, you know,” the singer said.

Shakira admitted that her children are having a hard time surviving the separation of their parents, and she herself is hurt by the fact that everything happened during a difficult period for her. “I try to hide the situation from them as much as possible. She is very sad for two children who are trying to survive the separation of their parents. And sometimes it just seems to me that this is all a bad dream and at some point I will wake up. But no, it’s real. And what’s also real is the disappointment I feel when I see something as sacred and special as I thought my relationship with the father of my children was turned into something vulgarized and devalued by the media. And all this while my father was in intensive care and I was struggling with various problems.

As I have already said, this is probably the darkest hour of my life. But then I think of all those women in the world who are going through hard times, situations as bad as mine, or as hard as mine, or worse. For women like me, who believe in family values, who have dreamed of having a family for life, to see that dream shattered into pieces is one of the most painful things a person can go through. But I think we women are resilient. This resilience is innate in us.

The singer said that it is the children who help her cope with the situation: “I deal with it by reminding myself that I have to be an example for my children, that I have to be what they want. And I also want to be close to all the people who have shown me their love and support. This is my greatest strength. It’s my most powerful engine right now,” Shakira noted.

Speaking about the custody battle, the singer also said that no matter what happens, Pique remains the father of her children for her and hopes that they will be able to “figure out what is best for their future, their own dreams in life and what is a fair decision for all involved.”

Shakira did not comment in detail on Pique’s new novel and the press reports about the football player’s infidelity, which was an unpleasant surprise for the singer. “These details are too personal to share, at least at this point – everything is still new. I can only say that I put everything I had into this relationship and my family”.

Shakira, who is 10 years older than Gerard Pique, also drew attention to the fact that she made certain sacrifices and concessions to support her beloved in his sports career, writes BGNES.

“One of us both had to sacrifice something. Either he will terminate his contract with Barcelona and move with me to the USA, where my career is developing, or I will have to do it. So one of them had to make that effort and make that sacrifice. I did too. I put my career on the back burner and moved to Spain to support him so he could play football and win titles. And it was a sacrifice for love,” Shakira said.

Shakira and Gerard Pique were together for 11 years, they have two sons – 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha. The couple was not officially married.

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