Kate Middleton made everyone cry with what she did at Elizabeth II’s funeral VIDEO

Britain fell silent on Monday. The reason for this was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

As well as saying goodbye to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, many also looked to members of the bereaved royal family.

Many commented on Kate Middleton in particular and how the new Princess of Wales honored the Queen’s memory.

But not only that – it turned out that Kate did something at the Queen’s funeral that she did at the funeral of Elizabeth II’s late husband, Prince Philip.

Little Princess Charlotte and what she did for her late great-grandmother Elizabeth was no less commented on.

At Westminster Abbey, Kate appeared wearing jewelry that once belonged to Elizabeth II.

The wife of British Crown Prince William chose a four-strand pearl necklace made by jewelers Garrad in the 1970s, as well as pearl earrings – the pearls for them were given to Elizabeth II by the Sheikh of Bahrain as a gift for her wedding to a prince Philip.

Kate wore the same jewelery set to her husband Elizabeth II’s funeral last year.

Kate Middleton will make you cry with what she did for the late Elizabeth II

For her mourning attire, Kate chose a bespoke Alexander McQueen coat dress (she wore a white version of the outfit to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee this year). Gianvito Rossi shoes and a Philip Treacy hat completed the look.


Tearful Kate resurrects Lady Di at Prince Philip’s funeral PICTURES

Princess Charlotte wore a similar coat with pleats at the back. In addition, daughter Kate made her first appearance wearing a hat and had a horseshoe-shaped brooch pinned to her coat – a tribute to Elizabeth II’s passion for horse riding. This brooch was given to Charlotte by the Queen herself. / jenata.blitz.bg

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