The Amazons Head to the Wild River for the Third Time in a Row – Shows – Highlights – Games of the Will – Season 5


The Amazons lost their third consecutive territorial battle in “Games of the Will” 5 and will spend another week on the Wild River. The former Gladiators Penyo Gatevski – Gatyo and Tsvetelin Geshov were unable to help their tribe get rid of the harsh conditions of the river. A conflict even arose between the new members of the Amazons. Tsvetelin pointed to Gatto and Victoria as the reason for the loss of the yellow tribe.

Serious reshuffles in the Arena on “Games of the Will” tonight

The Gladiators finished second and will spend the week at the Farm with their new teammate. Before the start of the battle, the Amazon Victoria sent her tribesman Tsveti Staneva to the Reds. They welcomed the lady with open arms and Viking Daniel even showed her around the Farm, where she will be able to enjoy a warm meal and a comfortable bed for the first time since the extreme reality show began.

Cheers to the future participants in “Games of Will”: It will thunder, it will rain and you will be crawling with insects

The Elders, who managed to reverse and then win the battle for territory, had the greatest reason for joy. This happened thanks to the sharp minds of Momchil and Violeta, who once again proved their skills in arranging puzzles. Thus, the most experienced tribe will again spend a week in the luxurious Residence, but the amenities will not prevent scandals between them.

The gladiators Gatio and Tsvetelin become part of the Amazon tribe

In the next episode of the extreme reality show, the captains of the Elders, the Amazons and the Gladiators will face off in a battle with huge stakes. The programmer Momchil, the swimmer Iva and the football referee Krum will have to protect the honor of their teammates and once again understand that no one is safe in the Arena of the “Games of Will” 5. Viewers will also witness another dramatic clash between the participants in the tribe of the Lost, who are struggling to reunite with their loved ones.

Don’t miss Games of the Will on Tuesday, September 19 at 9:00 p.m. on NOVA.

More interesting information about “Games of the Will” can be found on the show’s website, as well as on the official Facebook page, Instagram account and TikTok account of “Games of the Will”.

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