The Women in Matthew Perry’s Life – From Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow to Molly Hurwitz


Matthew Perry became popular all over the world with his role in “Friends”, but apart from fame and money, it seems that he was unable to find true love. The one that lasts a lifetime.

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Over the years, the actor dated various women, but never got married and had no children. Part of the reason for this is his problems with alcohol and drugs. However, People has dug through the archives to remind us of all the women Matthew Perry has dated. Well, officially at least.

Valerie Bertinelli

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In his memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Awful Thing (published by Riva, BGN 24) Perry reveals that he had a short-term relationship with the actress while she was married. However, the two never officially go out as a couple.

Tricia Fisher

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When he was 18, Matthew Perry dated Fisher, who is Carrie Fisher’s half-sister. The relationship then did not last very long – only a few months.

Years later, when “Friends” was already a hit, the two became intimate again, but things did not work out and the actor ended their relationship.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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There is no relationship to speak of here, but rather a fleeting fling that takes place in the summer before Friends airs on TV.

Matthew Perry tells GQ that he described their relationship in his book and hopes Paltrow doesn’t hate him for it.

Julia Roberts

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The two dated as a couple before the actress took part in an episode of Friends as a guest star. But the relationship breaks up because of Perry.

In his book, he writes that they only dated for a few months and the whole time he thought she would be the one to dump him.

Gabriel Allan

The actor also has a relationship with the producer of the series “Vice”. It is while with her that Perry realizes he has a serious drinking problem.

He is then 21 years old, and one night when they go to Alan’s house, he wants to have a drink, but it turns out that she does not keep any alcohol in her house. Then he begins to feel an overwhelming urge to drink.

Jamie Tarsis

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Tarsis and Perry met before “Friends” became a hit. As they later date for several years after Jamie’s husband dies.

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It was she who supported him in his fight against addictions, but his problems were the reason why he decided to end the relationship.

Rachel Dunn

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The two dated for two years before breaking up in 2005 – right around the end of the series. The reason is unclear, but sources say there was no drama and Matthew Perry wanted to focus on staying sober.

Natasha Wagner

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In his memoirs, the actor described Wagner as beautiful, smart and very sexy. But again the period he is with her turns out to be bad for Perry and the two split up.

Cameron Diaz

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Right after her breakup with Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz is sent on an arranged date with Matthew Perry that doesn’t go well. Simply because the actress accidentally and unintentionally punches Perry in the face.

Lizzy Kaplan

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The actor’s longest relationship is precisely with Kaplan. The two have been dating for six years and were on the verge of getting engaged. Perry says their relationship started out as friends with benefits, but grew into something more.

Molly Hurwitz

What Molly Hurwitz - Matthew Perry's ex - said after the actor's death

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Molly Hurwitz with an emotional post

This is also the last official girlfriend of Matthew Perry. The two began their relationship in 2018, and two years later got engaged. But in 2021, things between them end.

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