Gino Biancalana threatens a famous singer, sends her hitmen

Gino Biancalana threatens a famous singer, sends her hitmen
Gino Biancalana threatens a famous singer, sends her hitmen
Gino Biancalana threatened Iva Atanasova, also known as IVY, even stating in plain text that he would send her beaters. The blonde shared in several stories on Instagram what horror she was subjected to since this morning.

The reality star lashed out at her with very ugly and offensive words that no man should say to a woman. And above all, to scare her with a fight.

Iva explained to her followers that Gino and her mother hired her for a Halloween party at their restaurant. She was asked to advertise the establishment to them and to be there at the children’s party.

Everything went well, but in the end Iva did not receive the agreed fee. Gino’s mother decided to give her several times less, which Atanasova did not like and threatened them that if they did not give her the agreed amount, she would do anti-advertising.

Not only did you not get the money, but threats started pouring in, which even affect Iva’s life. “I will put these 500 BGN in your mouth and beat you up,” Gino told Atanasova. She tells this in a series of stories.

Gino said it wasn’t random and he was going to send people to beat her up. He used insulting words like “blood”, “carrion”, “poor rag” etc. to hurt the singer. she, for her part, threatened to file a complaint against him and publicly declare that if something happens to her, the responsibility should be sought from the pishman star, who has recently pissed off a lot of people in the capital, “Blitz” writes.

“He spoke to me as if he were talking to a man. Apparently men think that we women are already men. Let everyone know how men behave. It is extremely unworthy of his behavior towards a woman. First you don’t pay yourself, then you talk like that ” said Iva.

She claims that Gino’s place is out of business and has no customers. But apparently they are not given money for advertising.

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