New rule in “Voice of Bulgaria”

New rule in “Voice of Bulgaria”
New rule in “Voice of Bulgaria”

This Saturday at 8:00 p.m. on bTV, the first vocal duels begin in “The Voice of Bulgaria” and there will be a new rule that comes in especially on the occasion of the 10th season of the show – the rule of “salvation”. It will give trainers the opportunity for the first time to “save” both of their participants in one of the fights. In this way, both of them will be able to advance to the next stage of the knockouts. Trainers will have to be very careful, because they are only allowed once to play the “salvation card” for the entire stage of the vocal duels and will have to carefully judge exactly at which moment to take advantage of the new rule.

In the first vocal contests of the season, viewers will enjoy amazing, breathtaking performances, and the coaches will repeatedly be faced with the difficult choice of whether to exercise their right to “save” or part with one of their talented singers. time at this emotional and tense stage, in addition to the new rule, that of “non-stop stealing” will continue to be in effect, which allows coaches to “steal” for their team the participant who is eliminated from the vocal battle of a rival team.

The “Stolen” will be given a unique chance to continue in the show and will take his designated place backstage, but with each subsequent theft, the chance to stay in the show will change hands. Each new “stolen” from a coach will take the place of the previous one that otherwise he will have to leave the show forever.

On Saturday evening, the emotions in the hall will “jump to the sky”, and everyone in front of the screens will witness unprecedented concert performances, fiery battles and exceptional duets at the world level. Maria Ilieva, DARA, Miro and Ivan Lechev will embark on a crazy race and will try to “steal” the most attractive participants dropped from the battles, and whether there will be any “saved” in the first vocal duels – viewers will find out on Saturday at 8 p.m. on bTV.

In the new episode, the coaches will introduce their teams to the assistant coaches they have chosen to support them. DARA will trust the super famous group MOLETS. Maria Ilieva will bet on Lyubo Kirov, who after two seasons in the coach’s chair will return to the show with great excitement. Miro will invite the “singer of the people” Ivana to his support, and Ivan Lechev will vote his trust to the charming Mihaela Fileva, who with a big smile will share her experience with the musical talents from the Master’s team.

Each of these amazing artists will be involved in supporting the teams in this very important stage – with great pleasure and responsibility, ready to share the “secrets of success” with the young participants of the tenth season.

On Saturday night, everyone in front of the screens will see how Miro, with the sole purpose of showing the full range and vocal capabilities of the participants of his team, will prefer to change their song at the last moment of the rehearsals, and whether this move will prove to be profitable will become clear very soon. After an electrifying rock battle between the participants from Ivan Lechev’s team, he himself will not hold back his emotions – he will grab the guitar and jump on the stage next to them, so that together they will raise the whole hall to their feet.

In the first vocal duels on Saturday, 16 talented singers, divided into 8 couples, will face each other. From Miro’s team, Elena Popova and Orfi, Yanitsa Kaneva and Boyana Karpatova will compete in a vocal duel. From the DARA team, the matches will be between Katrin Gacheva and Teia Yordanova, Juliano Emilov and Nikola Yanakiev. From Maria Ilieva’s team, Simeon Slaveev and Mira Popova (Mirein), Dimitrina Germanova and Konstantina Dimitrova will face each other. And from Ivan Lechev’s team, Kaloyan Paunov will compete against Georgi Georgiev, Dimitar Angelov and Zornitsa Petrova with great enthusiasm.

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