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Brooke Shields revealed that she passed out in September and not someone else but Bradley Cooper himself unexpectedly showed up to save her. The incident happened at a New York restaurant while Shields was waiting to be seated.

The actress said that when two unknown women approached her, she suddenly blacked out. Her hands went limp, her head hit the wall and she was about to swallow her tongue. The next thing she remembers is being loaded into an ambulance with Bradley Cooper standing next to her holding her hand. She could hardly believe her eyes.

It turns out that the restaurant initially wanted to contact Shields’ husband, Chris Henchy, but he did not respond. Then they tried other people until they finally got Bradley. They told him Brooke was on the ground and needed help. He was nearby and came over.

In the end, it became clear that the actress received the so-called tonic-clonic seizure – loss of consciousness and strong muscle contractions. According to Shields, the seizure was caused by low sodium because she drank too much water.

Brooke also talks about her experience with beauty interventions. According to her, they give women a lot of confidence, but it is very easy to overdo it. She herself is afraid of not looking like herself, and the times she had botox on her body made her feel exactly that.

Shields notes that in 2023, there will be more plastic surgery than ever before because everyone is chasing youth. She herself does not want to chase youth, but on the contrary – wants to chase the present.

Brooke Shields also has a very clear stance on diets and restrictions. The actress says she loves food and alcohol and hates going to the gym. It’s a waste of time for her to constantly try to be thin enough. She notices that she has a belly and knows that if she tries hard enough, she can get rid of it, but she prefers to spend that time reading a book, having lunch, going for a walk, shopping, or at home with her daughters.

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