I am coming out to tell the whole truth about the scandal between me and Slavi T. Trifonov

I am coming out to tell the whole truth about the scandal between me and Slavi T. Trifonov
I am coming out to tell the whole truth about the scandal between me and Slavi T. Trifonov

The host of “7/8” TV – Kamen Vodenicharov is a guest in Lyubomir Filipov’s podcast format – “Behind the scenes”, which he uploads to his YouTube channel. There, the two talked about the presenter’s relationship with Slavi Trifonov, and he also shared interesting stories.

“Suddenly, we found ourselves with three watermelons under one arm, it was clear and a matter of time that we had to make a choice, exactly where to develop and do. In the end, our choice was through separation. It’s a breakup, that’s why it’s so painful, that’s why it’s so ridiculous, because it drags down not only the team, but also the mood of the people. It’s like saying, I recently gave an interview about my favorite football club Levski, this scandal that happened in the management of the club reminds me a lot of our scandal with Slavi na tim. What to do, where to go, not that, won’t you tell me, I’ll tell you, pull, pull. At one point, reaching a total and brutal dispute, the tearing of the cat, as Lyuben Dilov said then, regardless of the fact that we were partners, right then our joint production company was called “Three Waters” – Trifonov, Dilov and Vodenicharov and then for unfortunately it happened like this, we really broke the cat and it led to the separation of the team.

If you enter this vicious circle, if you go to separation or to such a brutal pull, you are doing all the simple things that are written in the books and in the textbooks. The balance was found in this and especially after “Hushov”, after they were invited by their colleagues to do “bTV” – “Slavi’s Evening Show”, then somehow the balance was achieved, we stayed at “BNT” and continued for a few more years to we make “The Channel” together with Toncho, Martina with some of the operators, the scriptwriters and the band stayed with Slavi, of course they had a very secure and clear contract in practice with “bTV”, this contract gave them a very long and secure horizon ahead. While we, purely acting-wise, decided rather to take a risk and find new screenwriters, to train new actors, to work with people from “Natfiz” and from other schools that produce quality people and absolutely in this line of thinking, I can, can’t I seriously assert that our “human resources” in terms of actors’ capacity was greater, because here we, for example, built and worked together, thanks to his great talent Viktor Kalev developed, but then Slavi took him to him . Slavi also found Krasi Radkov, he found Ljubo Neikov, Ruslan, many talented and cool colleagues. I the only thing that I regret, and right, if somehow I have a time machine and I can go back in time is that actually life realized all our projects, for which we wanted to use all the resources of the team. That is, Slavi also had a solo evening show and “Ku-Ku Band” made wonderful albums and songs, I together with my colleagues, now newly found and created anew, made music TV, they made our theater, we made our theater, the songs are there , the only problem is that we could not come up with a formula and therefore we were not prepared, how to do this thing together, because for example there is a group in France called “Le Nuis” – “The Zeros” who also so they do, but they manage to go ahead and do it together, let’s say the Russian TV channel “Comedy Club” with all its stratified and narrow age categories also remain united as a management and united as, how should I say, a production company, that is, us we did not have the wit, perhaps the will, to find a formula in which all these very different things could exist together and united, and then we would certainly be in times, although individually we also managed to create, although and shared quite a few quality things. We know the recipe and in the end, the recipe, the matrix, I still to this day when I’m in “7/8” and I see the script, I see the script line and I think of the early years, because in fact it remains that way, now 30 years regardless, that we have used it together and separately. “The Channel Show”, “MM” TV, all derivatives of this, of the first soup, of the first egg that was born and built between us, it continues to exist. About the logo on top of the script, that’s the writers idea.

*It is about a small scene of the script that is different every time and it cannot be said on TV because it is brutal, it is for internal consumption.

This is the idea of ​​the screenwriters of these very talented people. It’s been done since “The Channel”. When we moved to the “Channel Show” it also continued, there was it, as well as this before going on stage, which is such a sketch from “Natfiz” rather than from the music, Academies and music school. The handshake before the start to greet. This is what we did in “MM” before the concerts, this is still to this day “Ku-Ku Band” do it, but it is a vitish style brought by us and accepted by the fellow musicians, because the musicians are not so corporate and so team-oriented. You know that maybe with musicians they are always, here every single hero on the horse, but here they adopted a rather theatrical manner. This is the richness of the interaction and work of different people in a team, when you trust each other, when you know that you are going in the same direction, you gradually build a way of communication, a way of communication.”says host Kamen Vodenicharov.

The presenter Kamen Vedenicharov during an acting performance with colleagues in the capital of Great Britain – London.

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