Miglena Angelova poured like a barbaron (PHOTO)

Miglena Angelova poured like a barbaron (PHOTO)
Miglena Angelova poured like a barbaron (PHOTO)

There is no trace of the once twisted TV personality Miglena Angelova. To date, Madam “Sincerely and personally” is downright unrecognizable. It is noticeable that recently it has formed very serious palaskas and resembles a barbaron.

However, the new shape of her body does not bother her at all and she generously demonstrates her luxuriance in Spain, where she relieves herself of her stressful everyday life in the company of girlfriends.

In Barcelona, ​​she indulged in a culinary feast and does not fail to pass the dishes with a glass of good wine.

After realizing that she had long lost the battle with the pounds after several attempts to get back in shape, she decided to give it a rest, although she continues to be interested in the various healthy eating regimes, modern diets and healthy products.

Although she is no longer on the air, the ambitious Russian continues to host “Sincerely and personally” on her YouTube channel, where she enjoys several dozen regular followers.

There, she comments on all sorts of silly topics from everyday life, starting with wrinkle-tightening ointments and ending with electronic prescriptions, of which she does not hide that she is a staunch opponent.

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