Anastasia from “The Farm” ended her life because of a man


The late Anastasia Zhaigarova will undoubtedly remain in the history of the Farm as one of its most colorful participants. She ended her life a few days ago, and the sad news was reported by her friend Natalie Trifonova and threw everyone into shock. No one expected that the positive and funny blonde would leave this world like this at only 45 years old. She did not share that she was suffering from any diseases.

It has now emerged that Sia, as her friends called her, committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of her home in the capital’s Buxton district. She didn’t even leave a death note. Friends and colleagues are raising money for her funeral.

The blonde, who graduated in acting but worked as a hairdresser, moved to the Beyond on October 27. Her apartment was sealed off by law enforcement and an investigation is underway. The first and main version is that she jumped alone from the terrace of her apartment, and in all probability the reason for this final decision was a man.

Her friends reveal that this is not her first attempt to end her life, but so far they have been unsuccessful. The seemingly cheerful lady often fell into severe depressions and took strong pills. People close to her reveal that for a long time she was trying to get rid of a nightmarish and harmful relationship with a man who harassed her and had huge problems with drugs.

Her daughter, who works as a flight attendant, wrote on the social network: “My mother is no longer with us, but we all carry her fire. She threw it away without wanting to, even when it was going out. Keep her fire going, set someone’s heart on fire in honor of Mom. In other words, live to convey her love. Nobody understood Anastasia. But as she used to say, “We’re separated by a carload of books.” And maybe something more. Goodbye mom! I love you now and in every other life of mine! I’m glad I had the good fortune to be your child.” Through the heartbreaking post, her only child said goodbye to Sia.

There is no shortage of comments on social networks regarding the betrayals of Anastasia’s friends.

“Sia took her own life because of friends like Natalie Trifonova, who sleep with their friends’ boyfriends. He never found happiness, and Natalie and her mother used Anastasia until they had a rich grandfather sponsor to do their hair for free. Natalie then slept with Sia’s boyfriend and their friendship ended. Well, now the ugly Nathalie Trifonova publishes their common photos and sorrows. It’s pretty ugly that he’s doing PR on the backs of the dead,” reads one of the comments, which is never clear whether it’s true or greatly exaggerated.

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