Hugs, kisses, love: They filmed Dilyana Popova with her new boyfriend! (not only Blatechki shakes with passions


They have been together for two years, and above, but no one gives them. Because they really do look like newly in love. Dilyana Popova and Lachezar Zahariev have clearly found each other and delight not only their loved ones, but also random passers-by who spot them.

The two are inseparable (unless one of them has to leave for work) and are always tightly attached to each other. That’s how they were photographed by the paparazzi a day ago, when Dilyana and Lacho used the nice weather to dress up in summer clothes and walk around the central streets of the capital.

They sat down for coffee with smiles on their faces, and later a friend of Dilyana Popova joined them. Apparently the two are quite close because they hugged each other warmly.

The three of them sat, talked, and then left as Dilyana and Zahariev rushed to their car – hand in hand again. Well, no matter what we say, we have never seen such tenderness between her and Asen Blatechki in those days.

Speaking of Asen, he also announced on air recently that he’s madly in love and happy, and that the woman next to him couldn’t tame him, but taught him how to love her fiercely.

“Dilyana and Asen were not for each other, but they take care of Boril together. I hope that now each of them has found their soul mate and that they can finally be happy”, users wish them.

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