Kalin Velov got married at the age of 50 to Nina Nikolina’s double

Kalin Velov got married at the age of 50 to Nina Nikolina’s double
Kalin Velov got married at the age of 50 to Nina Nikolina’s double

At the age of 50, the musician Kalin Velov finally gathered the courage to tie the knot. His bride Irina is like a copy of his colleague Nina Nikolina. The two lovers said their cherished “I do” in the Kyustendil village of Pastra, where the groom is from.

Actor Filip Avramov and his partner Hristina Dimitrova were best men at their wedding. It’s no secret that Kalin and Fitza have been working together for years in the Bay Rock show. The two have apparently become so close that they decided to be related.

Velov spent a large part of the summers precisely in the village of Pastra. He has repeatedly shown on social networks how he works in the yard of the house built by his grandfather. As soon as the weather warms up, Kalin loads up and heads out there. Apparently, he likes his village so much that he decided to get married there.

The restaurant where the guests were treated to the joyous occasion is located near the Rila Monastery. A marriage ceremony was performed there. In fact, you are probably aware that such ceremonies are nothing more than a show for the newlyweds and their guests, while the actual signing takes place a few days earlier in the civil.

The newlyweds vowed their eternal love before God and exchanged their wedding rings in the presence of about 40 selected guests. The rings were placed on a special pillow decorated with a white rose, carried by Kalin’s 11-year-old daughter, Karina. We remind you that she is the fruit of his love with the graphic designer Diana.

The bride’s dress is a modification of the model Stephanie Seymour’s dress in the iconic clip November Rain on Guns’n Roses – short skirt in the front and long in the back. However, Irina preferred the puffy sleeves to be replaced with straps, and the veil – with a hair ornament.

From the photos published so far, it is clear that Nina Nikolina was not among those invited to the wedding. Apart from the best men, the only other popular face among the guests is that of boxer Tervel Pulev.

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