Alena’s horoscope: Libras to prove that they are responsible, Scorpios not to suggest problems

Alena’s horoscope: Libras to prove that they are responsible, Scorpios not to suggest problems
Alena’s horoscope: Libras to prove that they are responsible, Scorpios not to suggest problems


You will not be satisfied with dating, but your work is arguing. In the evening, you will be delighted by the visit of your friends and unexpectedly good news that gives you optimism. Financial luck is not with you if on this day you decide to make promises about your participation in investment projects that you did not plan. Instead of fighting with your significant other about not wanting to come with you to a birthday party, send a bouquet and a bottle of wine to a friend who is having a personal celebration. Your partners will be happy if you don’t miss the sexual moments.


It is not to your advantage to bind yourself without sound reasoning to participation in risky ventures, although the temptation is great, but the thought of possible losses is not to be neglected. Caution brings you success. There will be no shortage of acquaintances. In your workplace, be extremely active because you have the opportunity to achieve financial success. It is not excluded that you will solve important family and personal problems, but the condition for success is to keep calm. Your sexual relations are still problematic and you are not active, but it is time to change this situation so that you do not encourage your partner to cheat.


Postpone hasty business decisions and do not take on new business tasks, even if they have asked or ordered you to. Better turn them down. Dating brings you future benefit. Also refuse your proposed extra work, after you are sure that you will not reject it until noon and beg for the criticism and ridicule of your colleagues who hurt you. Your problems in the late afternoon are related to family, but unpleasant conversations also bring benefits and stabilize your relationship. Do not prepare for sexual experiences if you are tired and will force yourself, but rather indulge in rest and sleep.


Once you have caused problems because of your omissions, you will need to have conversations with management to resolve them. Don’t expect success to come to you if you haven’t done the work. Although it will not be easy for you, to your surprise you will deal with troubles that arise through no fault of your own and you will receive praise as long as you are patient. Communication with others, even those closest to you, is difficult because of your desire to argue and impose your opinion, and your family is not at all inclined to forgive you for this behavior. It depends on you whether you will experience romantic moments and sexual pleasures.


From the morning, difficulties haunt you both in personal and business relationships. Do not harm yourself with unnecessary worries, but take care of your duties by listening to your inner voice. Good luck is with you all day if you don’t let worries, often for no good reason, damage your self-esteem. Do not give information about your personal life so that your enemies do not take advantage of it and do not harm your relationship. Your sex life is the reason you are out of shape. Irregular sex is a reason to be depressed.


You seem to enjoy success and recognition, but you are obliged to keep a good tone in business meetings, not to give in to flatterers, to avoid risky ventures just because you have been repeatedly asked to get involved and help friends. Don’t expect breakthrough success if you’re having conversations with your future business partners. Take your loved ones to a restaurant or visit your relatives who have long wanted you to visit them. Keep your good relationship. After returning home, indulge in your feelings and intimate moments with your loved ones.


Success is with you, but earn it by proving that you are responsible. Plan your tasks and meetings until the end of the month. No matter how difficult it is for you, keep silent and do not criticize your loved ones and colleagues. All business conversations today are successful, even virtual ones, if you are not at your workplace. Fix the misunderstandings that have arisen in the family, caused once again by your unwillingness to apologize for trying to be offensive and criticize. Your loved ones are disappointed by your absence from dinner and gratuitous aggressive behavior.


It is not to your advantage to imagine problems because they are only in your mind, although you can project them into the reality of your daily life and then blame yourself for your failures. You are full of strength and desire to work, and success in your endeavors is guaranteed. Share with your colleagues your plans until the end of the month. On this day, it is better for you not to allow problems in your family, especially since there is no reason for them, and you are looking for them yourself. Your relationship is perfect and it is not worth ruining the harmony in your home because of work problems.


Change your attitude towards your colleagues and do not be kind to the envious, although you pity them for their inability to realize the harm of envy instead of learning from you. In this way, you will save yourself from trying to burden you with their obligations. Today it is not in your favor to talk about business matters. Only attend to your routine duties. Your personal relationships are problematic and scandals are not excluded, which will escalate tonight in the decision of your marriage or intimate partner to break up. It’s up to you to have a calm conversation if you’re willing to compromise at all.


Impressively sociable, charming and successful, you arouse the envy of your colleagues and loved ones, especially relatives – greedy and greedy for your money, who do not deserve it, but want to have it at all costs. Consider changes carefully. Don’t just rely on your luck. At your place of work, don’t be angry that you have to deal with urgent business tasks. Success is with you. You have earned the wrath of your loved ones and your spouse. In the evening, expect scenes of jealousy if you didn’t get home on time and missed dinner. Don’t think that once you’ve made a promise to be punctual they’ll easily forgive you for being late.


Take care of your duties. It is to your advantage to avoid business conversations and acquaintances. They will bring you future problems, not because you were distracted, but because signing contracts will not bring you the expected income. Meetings with strangers who constantly circle around you and persistently look for a way to join your professional environment are not in your favor. Consider the changes that are mandatory in your personal life. Do not refuse an invitation to visit your friend who is celebrating a name day. In the evening, expect a romantic meeting and sexual pleasures that you have not even dreamed of.


It’s hard for you to communicate, absorbed in thoughts about the work you intend to turn down for the rest of the workday, but your colleagues who want to discuss important projects are agitating to include you. Be cautious with financial investments and trust your intuition. Those busy with urgent official tasks should be more active, but also responsible.
Be careful with the people you love and care about, especially your loved ones. Don’t hurt them for no reason. It is possible to achieve harmony in personal relationships if you are not yet married and indulge in sexual pleasures.

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