Which mythical monster are you according to your zodiac sign?

Which mythical monster are you according to your zodiac sign?
Which mythical monster are you according to your zodiac sign?

Everyone has a hidden dark side of their personality that will come to the surface. What monster lurks within us? Let’s reveal the secret side of each zodiac sign.


The sorceress Maleficent is the perfect prototype of a typical Aries. Kind and peaceful, in an instant he turns into a bloodthirsty monster. The reason for the metamorphosis is neglect of his personality, demands and merits. In this state, Aries are angry and aggressive. Anyone who falls under their hot hand will hear profanity and may become a victim of assault. It is better not to joke with Aries, as with the sorceress Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil.


The unstable superhero of the “Marvel” comics Hulk best reveals the essence of Taurus. He is the genius Dr. Bruce Banner who has to control the green monster inside him. Due to the fear of not being able to contain the dark side of his personality, the Taurus, like the Hulk, is often unable to form strong relationships. However, it is impossible to push them from the path they have decided to walk, and nothing good awaits those who offend the Taurus-Hulk.


Spontaneous Geminis are offended when they are reproached for their frivolity. What can you do if they change their opinions, plans, tastes, hobbies and partners more often than their shirts? Just a typical Gemini – a real werewolf from the numerous horror movies. Previously, the werewolf was perceived as a cruel, bloodthirsty monster that could not control its anger. However, the writer JK Rowling changed this image: her werewolves became kinder, transformed at will and guided by reason. But you should not awaken the toothy monster in Gemini, because you never know what is in his soul.


Water signs have strong intuition and manipulate people. In every vulnerable Cancer lives the clown Pennywise, the hero of the novel by Stephen King and the movie “It”. Finding weak spots in the souls and minds of those around him, he uses their feelings and fears to gain control. Cancer, like Pennywise, feeds on negative emotions, enjoys the suffering of others and more easily experiences permanent personal depression.


Lions are not malicious, but punish those who offend their pride. They can make sharp jokes, but they smooth out the irony with generosity and are able to shower them with gold. Just like the Korean goblin Dokkaebi. It resembles a human, but has thick red fur, horns and teeth, and reaches a height of 270 cm. Its muscular body is ethereal and often hidden under the skin of a lion or leopard, and the demon wears a mask over its face. Just like the hypocrite Leo.


Sometimes the organized and sensible Virgo relaxes. She unleashes a dark demon, an insidious chimera, and those around her grab their heads. The Chimera is immortal, and Virgos lead a healthy lifestyle, dreaming of longevity. Jorge Luis Borges, author of The Book of Fictional Creatures, wrote that it was a mythological monster with the head of a lion, the belly of a goat, and the tail of a snake. Chimera is a harbinger of disasters. Such dark power allows Virgo to sense danger.


The problem of Libra is that they don’t know how to make a choice and they constantly doubt. Just like Darth Vader from Star Wars who once turned to the dark side. For all its willingness to sacrifice in times of doubt and suffering, the air sign is unable to control emotions. He stores his anger and unleashes it with words as sharp as the lightsaber of a Sith Lord.


Impulsive and passionate Scorpio never forgives insults, is vindictive and cruel. Without hesitation, he will bite off a piece of the offender’s flesh, sparkling with evil eyes under the mask of indifference. This makes him similar to the sinister intellectual Hannibal Lecter, named by the American Film Institute as the greatest villain of the century. A very suitable prototype for such a strong and dangerous opponent as the Scorpion.


The tireless Sagittarius is in constant motion. Loves freedom and independence, seeks adventure. In this he is very similar to the ancient Greek centaur. Sagittarius is smart, but his fiery temperament often pushes him to reckless actions. Enraged, he transforms into a creature with the head and torso of a human on the powerful body of a horse. At such times, Sagittarius is scary and merciless.


Intelligent, emotionally cold and cautious, Capricorn is able to avoid any danger. If you stand in his way, he will become evil, treacherous and vengeful, like Freddy Krueger. Instead of blades on his glove, he uses harsh words and expressions that hurt more than a knife. The fiercest battles arise for career growth. For the sake of the cherished position, Capricorn is ready to mentally kill any opponent, turning him into a frightened, helpless victim, as Freddy Krueger did.


The soul of Aquarius is dark. Although outwardly sociable and open, he likes to be alone, does not reveal his feelings and does not trust even the closest people. Just like the sinister and emotionally cold Voldemort. An angry Aquarius skillfully manipulates public opinion, turning the offender into an object of harassment. No magic wand, no excuse, no bribe will help anyone who looked down on Aquarius.


Pisces is one of the most ancient constellations on the celestial horizon. These are dreamers, cut off from reality. Having a dual character, they often behave in the same way as the psychopathic Joker. Black humor, love of entertainment, strange clothes – all this is for Pisces and the Joker. They can pursue a victim for a long time, becoming a dangerous stalker.

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