Terrifying! Galena is like a horror movie corpse, a real Cruella Devil


There is no sign of the sexy diva that Galena once was. To date, the folk singer is a terrifying sight that can hardly excite any man.

Galya’s whole face is somehow drunk, which is a result of her great weight loss in the last few years. However, it seems to be too much and outside the normal range. Her chin has become sharp, the color of her skin is downright blood-curdling, zombie-like.

Some of her fans are already identifying her as an excellent star for a new horror movie, where she could easily pass for one of the victims, ie. to play a corpse. In itself, this thought is terrifying because it concerns a living and healthy person.

Others identify her as Cruella Deville. This is the horrible woman who wanted to make a coat out of 101 Dalmatians in the cartoon.

The fact is that Galena went through numerous surgical interventions to look like this. However, it seems that she wasted her money, because she did not become more beautiful, on the contrary. She has had three operations on her nose alone, her smile is also new, and so far she has given a total of about 100 grand for everything.

To give BGN 100,000 to look worse. It’s a talent, and maybe a total stupidity, but Galena has never shone with a particularly great intellect.

Source: Weekend, Crimesbg.com

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