Mira revealed what brings her the greatest happiness in life

Mira revealed what brings her the greatest happiness in life
Mira revealed what brings her the greatest happiness in life
The singer Mira showed what brings her the greatest happiness in life, she saw Sofia24.bg. We remind you that the pop folk diva became a mother on September 30, 2021.

She published a photo with her son on the social network Facebook and wrote: “Here he is, happiness – he was crawling, jumping, laughing and now he is sleeping!”.

Mira is known to have given birth in Belgium as her husband lives there with his parents. A few days ago, the family celebrated the little hero’s first birthday.

The singer celebrated the special day with a post on the social network:

“Today is the most special day for us of all days of the year, because exactly one year ago, our little miracle was born! When I was pregnant, my mother always told me, you will see that your life will start from now. Everything so much will changed and you will wonder how you lived before he came in. I didn’t believe it, but every day I understand it better because you are the meaning of everything.

Right now I’m watching you playing, tugging at your sock with one hand and with the other as if you’re calling me to come and hug you, smiling sweetly at me.

Sometimes I just look at you while you’re laying in your crib and I can’t put into words the ways you’ve changed me… I look at you and I can’t believe what a wonderful man you are. How much happiness it brought, how it gave meaning to my days and how it taught me the most valuable things! How he taught me to love like never before! Boundless, selfless, true…

Happy first birthday our little love!

I hope every day of your life is sunny, colorful and full of smiles, joy and magic. Be healthy and may God protect you, and we will take care of the rest”.

Among the most famous songs of Mira are “Stewardess”, “Hey, the little one”

“Tarikat and tarikatka” (duet with Milko Kalaidzhiev), “I want”, “Come”, “Leave us in peace” and others.

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