Alena’s horoscope: Sagittarius to avoid stress and overwork, Capricorns to listen to colleagues

Alena’s horoscope: Sagittarius to avoid stress and overwork, Capricorns to listen to colleagues
Alena’s horoscope: Sagittarius to avoid stress and overwork, Capricorns to listen to colleagues


Surprising changes that you didn’t foresee make you nervous. Don’t argue and accept them. You have to work thoroughly and responsibly. Be careful with dating if it is not wanted by you. You may promise project funding to your colleagues, but you risk being the losing party if you do not analyze their proposal properly and in detail. You treat your loved ones with love and joy and know that there is nothing to worry about. Harmony in your sex life is the reason you are happy and satisfied. Despite everything beautiful in your personal life, beware of intriguers.


Today it is to your advantage to be patient and not to imagine problems just because you encounter obstacles on the way to the goal. They will present you with ideas, revealing to you the possibility of turning your old dream into reality. Take advantage and stand out in your workplace. You risk complicating relations with your relatives because of your intimate partner’s attitude towards them. It is up to you to maintain harmony in intimate moments and not to miss sexual experiences.


Do not be naive and overly trusting, but listen to the voice of your intuition, and if you judge that it is in your interest not to commit to new relationships, refuse without hesitation the business acquaintance that your colleagues and friends insist on. At your workplace, you reap success and recognition because of the ability to quickly deal with additional tasks. A new job offer can completely turn your personal life upside down. Your sexual relations are problematic because of jealousy on the part of your partner. Do not allow another crisis in your relationship.


Changes are undesirable. In your workplace, be moderate and responsible for your duties. Think about your goals and make your financial plan for the month. Despite the opportunity to plan and prepare the good start of ventures, do not enter into business conversations with final decisions. The harm of showing excessive credulity. Your personal relationships are not stable. You have gone too far away from home. In the evening, surprise your intimate partner with an invitation to a romantic dinner and do not miss sexual pleasures.


From the morning you face unexpected twists and turns. Be self-critical, don’t blame others, no matter if you are at home or at your workplace. Do not obsess the people around you with bewitching words to follow you. You risk being lonely at some point. Your undertakings promise future success. Merchants also succeed, but if they have shops to protect themselves from losses and theft of money. Block the attempts of your friends right today, when you have personal appointments, to take the time that belongs to your loved ones. Be honest and share the reason for your tardiness instead of creating jealousy.


You want to be perceived as a fighter for the betterment of the human race, but in fact you aim to receive by showing universal sympathy the undeserved support of your relatives, colleagues and friends. You cannot get close to people you want to attract as business partners because you are too self-absorbed and do not see the good qualities in others. Don’t worry if you also experience disappointment with someone. Personal happiness awaits you, which will help you forget about the one who betrayed you. In the evening, be with your loved ones and indulge in intimate moments and sexual pleasures.


Be kind to your co-workers so they can reciprocate, but don’t overdo it. A good relationship with them guarantees you success at work and their support, even if your ideas and goals are strange and difficult to perceive. Do not at all be tempted to meet with your friends to discuss new opportunities for professional appearance. Your personal relationships are stable, but don’t stay late at work so as not to anger your loved ones. After you get home, go to a restaurant or have dinner in a good mood at home and don’t miss the intimate moments.


Once again, you are tense, unnecessarily grumpy and arguing with your loved ones. If you work all day and stay after hours, you risk complicating your good relations with your colleagues. Create a normal environment in your workplace to complete your tasks faster. Do not deprive yourself of help if it is offered to you. The advice of your loved ones will help you cope with your worries. Create harmony in your personal relationships as well. Do not hope for intimate moments and sex if you have offended your partner and have not apologized.


Do not be tempted to start new business tasks, because they may turn out to be insufficiently thought out by you and cause you difficulties even through financial losses. You may have overestimated your strength and hurt yourself. Avoid stress and overwork. At your workplace, take care of your duties, because this is a good foundation for future financial success. Arguments between your relatives and neighbors are not excluded in the afternoon. Don’t be impressed, put your family at ease. Keep your relationship stable and after dinner indulge in intimate moments and sexual pleasures.


Although you are loaded with strength and desire to prove yourself, do not overdo it and listen to the advice of your colleagues. Don’t risk it. If possible and necessary, consult with your lawyer friends on whether to get involved in investment projects with state participation, but remember that the unexpected is a reality. Today you should not be picked up from home by car to work. Your spouse thinks you’re cheating on her because you let gossip spread about you flirting. Prove to her that you are faithful in love and marriage. Unmarried people should not indulge in sex with strangers or new partners.


You communicate with great pleasure, but let it be with measure and judgment of the people you allow near you. Unexpectedly, you will have a meeting with influential people who would help you reach a new professional peak. Despite the useful meetings with people in authority, I do not advise you to plan and conduct conversations with your colleagues. It’s time to get clarity about your future personal relationships. Those of you who are not happily married may divorce. If you are considering a breakup, there is no reason to indulge in sexual pleasures because, due to bad luck, they may hinder your intentions.


Do not hesitate to accept additional work because it brings you income. Be careful with your spending so you don’t get into financial trouble. Do not doubt your professional and intellectual capabilities. Your plans related to your official duties will be carried out without any particular difficulties. You have already realized that it is good to change something in your personal life in order to save your marriage. Today you have the opportunity to take the first step towards this change. Sexual pleasures are not a guarantee of harmony in your relationship.

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