How to judge a man’s zodiac sign by 3 signs?


A few centuries ago, only kings and nobles resorted to the help of an astrologer. Now it is possible to calculate the zodiac sign of a man, so to speak, “by eye”. An astrologer named three main clues that will point to a certain constellation. All you have to do is be careful.


· full of energy and thirst for action.

· They love to compete and succeed.

· In conflicts and quarrels, they instantly explode with emotions, but quickly calm down.


· carefully monitor their appearance.

· They value comfort and create coziness around themselves.

· They love to eat delicious food and enjoy life in all its manifestations.


· cannot do anything independently in everyday life.

· They know how to adapt to the society in which they find themselves.

· the ability to consume large amounts of information from conversations and learning and use this information to their advantage.

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· very emotional and care for their loved ones.

· They depend on their emotional state and on the state of others

· Touchy and vindictive.


· have strong charisma and attract the attention of others.

· willing to support others and share their resources like a king.

· They strive for leadership and recognition.


· restrained in their wardrobe and style

· Pedantic in everything that concerns trifles and details.

· They are concerned about their health and love cleanliness.


· They have their own unique style.

· Strive for balance and fairness.

· They always need a partner close by.


· Sarcastic.

· Usually they have their own business or there have been attempts to organize their own business.

· Passionate and jealous but deeply devoted.


· They love to travel and have a beautiful life, just like in a picture.

· Well educated and smart.

· often consider others to be more stupid.

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· are always right.

· They have their own plan or goal they are going towards

· Disciplined.


· have their own style of clothing that only they understand.

· Tendency to shocking or provocative behavior in order to shock others

· they easily find a common language with different people and adapt to situations.


· understands the feelings of others and shows compassion.

· live in their fantasies and show a tendency to addiction.

· They combine several careers, hobbies and businesses.

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