There is love that remains after the end! (PHOTOS)

There is love that remains after the end! (PHOTOS)
There is love that remains after the end! (PHOTOS)

What happened to Preslava and why did the singer collapse?! That’s what hundreds of netizens were asking after an hour ago, Pressy released photos that just aren’t her. There is no trace of the cheerful and radiant Preslava. Her face is stiff with grief, her eyes are swimming in tears, and she wrote very heavy words herself.

The Dobrichli woman shared that she feels this way because of a love that she lost, but that remains, and even compared it to that of the dog Hachiko from the movie of the same name. A love that remains even after the end – that’s what Pressy wrote a while ago.

Of course, the immediate assumption was that she and Pavel Lazarov had broken up. We know that he is the father of Preslava’s currently only daughter, Paola, and the two stayed together much longer than expected.

Yes, at the time no one expected this love to last and for no other reason than because no one found Pavel worthy of Presy. Well, to the joy of the fans and especially of the singer herself, she and Lazarov are still together. And her dramatic post is part of her new piece, which is called “The Street”.

In it, she is in a duet with Monika Valerieva’s ex – Medi, who broke the silicone buzzer’s heart about a year ago.

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