Netflix cancels Shadow and Bone and 4 other series

Netflix cancels Shadow and Bone and 4 other series
Netflix cancels Shadow and Bone and 4 other series

Fantasy fans have reason to be sad.

Netflix has canceled the series Shadow and Bone, based on the books “Shadow and Bone” by writer Lee Bardugo.

Bulgarian actor Julian Kostov also participated in the fantasy series, which had two seasons. Lee Bardugo herself confirmed the information – there will be no third season, no spinoff.

“Most writers never see adaptations of their works. Many of those who succeed regret the experience. I am one of the lucky few who watched the adaptation with pride and immense joy,” Bardugo wrote on Instagram, where he thanked the cast and crew .

The first season of Shadow and Bone appeared on Netflix in April 2021. The series – like the books – tells the story of the kingdom of Ravka, inhabited by people with magical skills who go by the name Grisha.

A region forever engulfed in darkness has torn the land apart for centuries, and dangerous creatures lurk within it. But there is also hope in the face of the young Alin Starkov.

We would recommend the series – it’s not at all bad for young adult fantasy, but the second season – which will already be the last – ends with a lot of unfinished storylines. So if you want to find out how Alina’s story will end, you will have to reach for Bardugo’s books (published in Bulgaria by “Egmont” publishing house).

Shadow and Bone isn’t the only victim of the Netflix ax, however.

The Glamorous series has also been cancelled, as well as several adult animated series – Agent Elvis, Farzaar and Captain Fall.

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