Unrecognizable Adriana Lima: This is the face of a tired mother


Adriana Lima appeared at the premiere of “The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents” in Los Angeles and caused a lot of comments.

As a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, she’s used to being turned on, but this time the comments weren’t all positive.

The model showed her usual slender figure, but her face seems to have changed – rounder and somewhat strangely puffy.

The conclusion after Adriana Lima walked the red carpet was that she went too far with plastic surgery.

Her fans described her as “unrecognizable” and “drastically different” and began to wonder exactly what procedures the model had undergone.

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Users put Botox, fillers, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and not-so-successful rhinoplasty on the list.

Joining the discussions was Dr. Jennifer Levine, a popular New York plastic surgeon who operates on some of the Big Apple’s wealthiest residents.

On her social profiles, Dr. Levine explains that in her experience, Lima has had a surgical brow lift, which is why the model still has puffiness around her eyes.

In addition, the specialist suggests that Adriana has injected fat into her cheeks, fillers into her lips and Botox into her forehead. Dr. Levine also suspects cheekbone and chin surgery.

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However, Adriana Lima was quick to dispel speculation that she went under the knife and explained that her appearance was due to fatigue.

In an Instagram story, she stated that it was “the face of a tired mother of a teenage girl, two children on the verge of being teenagers, a one-year-old who is now learning to walk, and three dogs.”

“Thank you for your concern!” Lima remarks sarcastically.

The model is extremely attached to her family and does everything in her power to protect her children from the paparazzi and prying eyes.

The model parted ways with the lingerie company in 2018.

“If I could, I would grow them in a bubble!” she exclaims in a recent conversation with Vogue. Lima clarifies that she takes her children with her almost everywhere during photo shoots and work engagements and strives not to be separated from them even for a day.

Lima cannot complain about a lack of commitments either.

Her face, changed or not, adorns the new Bvlgari jewelry campaign, with the brand choosing to celebrate its 75th anniversary with her photo shoot.

“At 42 years old, she continues to amaze us,” one of her fans admires.

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