Teodora from “The Farm” fell into a severe vicious circle

Teodora from “The Farm” fell into a severe vicious circle
Teodora from “The Farm” fell into a severe vicious circle
Teodora from “The Farm”, who entered the reality show timidly, but gradually blossomed and showed impressive qualities, made a painful personal confession.

The beautiful teacher from the “Kanatitsa” team said that for five years she suffered from a severe eating disorder and became a shadow of herself.

“I looked disgusting. It all started with comments from my ex’s parents, who expected me to look a certain way. It was a difficult period.

I was only paying attention to how much effort I had to put in to be perfect on the outside. You enter a carousel in which the mirror no longer has any value, it is distorted,” Teddy revealed to the actress Prisiana from the competing team “Elbetitsa”, whom she feels close to, writes Woman.bg.

However, after years of suffering, the teacher managed to get out of the vicious cycle of starvation and began to accept and love herself.

“I finally got to the point where I like myself and feel feminine. I work out and now I see in the mirror a large but strong woman. I have value, regardless of my weight. Value is not measured by the scale, by the image on social networks and on plastic surgery,” said Teddy confidently. According to Prisiyana, who lives in Great Britain, the obsession with the perfect body is often a matter of folk psychology as well.

“In England, big women wear short dresses and they don’t care. In Bulgaria, however, you have to be thin to be liked. Men like thin women, women want to be models. the ugliest thing that can “What has happened is that a woman’s worth is determined by her appearance. In the West this is increasingly rare, but in the Balkans it is the norm,” she concluded.

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