“Miss Silicon” played the role of a super sexy lover in a new BG movie

“Miss Silicon” played the role of a super sexy lover in a new BG movie
“Miss Silicon” played the role of a super sexy lover in a new BG movie
Gergana Raichevska, one of the first winners of the title “Miss Silicon”, played the role of a super sexy lover in a new BG film. Her character is Kiril Efremov’s lover. The offer for the role came quite by chance. Geri was visiting a close friend of hers in Spain. Then Antonio called me and said that they invited him to participate in a new film and that they were looking for a hot chick for one of the roles. I was both worried and quite enthusiastic,” recalls Gergana. Of course, as soon as she returns to Bulgaria, she goes to the casting office at the producers’ office. “There were other professional actresses as well, but they chose me and I’m very happy,” adds Gergana .

This is a debut for the brunette beauty in the cinema.” I have played in several films and two Hollywood productions before, but only as an understudy. I have never had experience in such a big project before,” she explains, reported “Telegraph”.

Not only in her opinion, but also in the opinion of the team, Gergana did very well. Her role is by no means to be underestimated and she is involved in some of the most pivotal scenes. “I could say that all the intrigue in the film starts from my character. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m excited already and I can’t wait for the premiere,” she says.

After her debut in the cinema, Gergana seriously considered enrolling to study acting, or at least some course. “Modeling takes time, I know that, I loved the work in the film and I’m definitely drawn to it. So I’m thinking of developing this thing, why not make it my profession. Now it was a challenge for me, I took it, I think successfully,” she adds. Geri’s character has nothing in common with her in real life. Except that they are both very attractive women, whose personalities are complete opposites. “I am a very honest person, accurate, while my image in the film is everything , which is not me as a person. For me, it was a provocation,” says Gerry. She is impressed by the attitude of the professional actors with whom she has partnered. Both Kiril Efremov and Kamen Vodenicharov showed her respect and understanding. “It was an honor and a privilege to watch these people. Great actors that I have such respect for,” says Gergana.


Gergana was an artistic child from an early age. She remembers that in kindergarten she regularly participated in every single performance they did with the children. She was never afraid of the camera, nor of nudity. Gergana has hundreds of photo shoots behind her. Twice she was on the cover of the men’s bible “Playboy” in our country, and once she appeared on the cover of the American one. She remembers that she did her first more naked photo shoot at the age of 19. She believes that the naked female body, when it is beautiful, is an inspiration and should be shown. In 2009, she won the “Model of Bulgaria” contest, and in 2010 she became “Miss Silicon”. This title gained her great popularity. After her, Gergana became a sought-after model not only for sexy photo shoots, but also for magazine covers, advertising photoshoots and videos.

She starred in over 20 video music projects of some of the most famous native singers. “I have participated in videos of Aziz, Emanuela, Jordan, Antonio and many others. But I think that the video for the song “Moutzuna” by Jordan remained something like my business card. I still remember it fondly,” says Gergana.

Toured Europe for 2 years

Gergana’s favorite pastime for the past two years has been traveling. Every single moment he has free time, he organizes with friends and leaves. The last two years she toured Europe. Her favorite country is Italy and she returns there every time with enthusiasm. “There’s always something to discover there. From the history to the food,” says Geri. She likes Rome a lot, but she’s also been to Milan, Bari, Florence, etc. Apart from Italy, she has London in her heart. vacationing in Greece She is in love with the blue water Her favorite place is Zakynthos and she vacationed there twice this year.

Keep fit with fitness and mountain climbing

Miss Silicon doesn’t miss the gym. He trains almost every day, he is in the gym with an instructor. Training recharges her. She likes to unwind in the mountains. Since this year, she has been passionate about mountain trekking. Almost at the end of the season, she made a big hike in Pirin. Climbed Mount Vihren. She slept in a tent, and now she is eagerly waiting for the good weather to rediscover new mountains.

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