Force Majeure Day – Astro

Force Majeure Day – Astro
Force Majeure Day – Astro

The Moon is in Capricorn until 13:29 on November 18

The waxing Moon in Capricorn is your architect, helping you design the future, put your idea into shape and fix the result. If you have a clear plan, start implementing it now. Appropriate time for actions that need accurate and calculated calculation. Avoid clutter. A stellar time for practical and sensible people, but unsuitable for sentimental ones. It is recommended that people who work with money be careful.

Skin and bones, gall bladder are vulnerable. The strain on the bones, especially the knees, can have serious consequences. All operations on teeth and bile are contraindicated.

Lunar calendar: 5 lunar day from 11:46 on November 17 to 12:33 on November 18

At this time, the shape of the Moon resembles a curved horn, the very embodiment of beauty and grace. Symbol of the day is the Unicorn, which means fidelity to principle, to long, spiritual purity. The fifth lunar day is a day of “force majeure”. The energy of the 5th lunar day stops the processes of destruction, neutralizes pain and sorrow, responds to the requests of those suffering for healing of the soul and body, purifies and revives, like dead and living water. Everything that happens on the 5th lunar day leads to the best, or creates conditions for inner growth and transformation.

The lunar day is considered a turning point in the first half of the lunar month. On this day, a person changes spiritually. Internal content is transformed and begins to prepare for external changes. On the 5th lunar day, the body and soul receive a complete cleansing: from unnecessary emotions, from unnecessary contacts, from harmful influences. At that time, there may be a chance to start over and follow the marked path without mistakes.

On the fifth lunar day, it is absolutely normal if your mood and condition are not stable. In the morning you may feel that you are happy, and at noon everything is boring. Don’t be alarmed by such drastic changes. In this way, the body tries to renew itself, to get rid of excess. It is good to cry on this day. Everything that brings us today to tears and crying is useful because it points out our shortcomings. If you cry in your sleep, it’s good, because that’s how you purify yourself.

Important! All thoughts, even the most fleeting and insignificant, can become real in this period. It is good to control your mind so that you do not harm yourself or others. Try to limit contacts, do not make important decisions and do not make deals.

On this day, everything will be easy for you if you show creative activity and strive to reach the goal. Knowledge is absorbed wonderfully. The conclusions made on this day are usually correct. It is desirable that each activity is brought to an end, otherwise it can harm you. A person reacts sharply to the influence of “inappropriate” people. On the 5th lunar day, you should not quarrel, as even a simple conversation can turn into a conflict that will drag on for a long time.

You should not starve. Attention should be paid to food, because this is the only day when food is absorbed without residue and completely converted into tissues. Milk and cottage cheese are preferred as the basis of nutrition. It is good to use herbs, make teas and potions.

Sex on this lunar day should be considered healing, relaxing and soothing. Accumulated tension and stress are transformed into the pure energy of love. The chosen positions should be easy and comfortable for both partners. Complex poses should be avoided, as various changes occur in a person’s energy structure and should not be interfered with.

A haircut gives an impulse to creative realization and tunes a person to the waves of joy, restores charisma.

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