The guitarist of our legendary group – Society has died

The guitarist of our legendary group – Society has died
The guitarist of our legendary group – Society has died

Sad news! Another great Bulgarian rock musician is no longer with us. Kuzman Birbuchukov, one of the founders of the Plovdiv hard rock band “Parallel 42” has died, his friends Vasko Krpkata and Niki Tomov announced on Facebook.

Here is what the music community in our country wrote on this sad occasion:

“Kuzman Birbuchukov, one of the most virtuoso guitarists I’ve played with. Three and a half years of my life passed with the first professional rock band for me in the 80s – Parallel 42. Kuzio – guitar, his brother Joro – bass, Gencho / The Sip/ – guitar and vocals and me on drums…Legendary rock band with one or two songs on the radio, we played at spring, prom and New Year’s balls….we were constantly sanctioned because we were real rock thugs…we played Purple, Zeppelin, Rainbow, Santana, Stones…. well, a cool blast of forbidden Rock and Roll and always some problems…. one summer on the St. Briag in the casino…

For me, Kuzman was the only guitarist at that time who was distinguished by virtuosity, speed, but also the magic of slow playing … and with a made guitar, made by his own hands….

To me he was a true guitar hero! Then, when the Wall fell, he ran abroad to play ….etc… memories come flooding back to me now that I understand that Cuzo /like his brother Joro years ago/ flew to the Celestial Orchestra…. Hats off to this phenomenal musician! Light flight!

The funeral is on Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. in the Church of the Seven Seven Saints, Sofia, 25 Graf Ignatiev Street. The funeral – in Haskovo, at 2:30 p.m. at the Kenanski cemetery.

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