The hardest thing I learned was to believe in myself

The hardest thing I learned was to believe in myself
The hardest thing I learned was to believe in myself

When, in 2020, Lora Georgieva joined the team of Nova TV as the presenter of the weather forecast, she was quite skeptical.

“When I decided to return to television after a long hiatus related to raising my daughter, the last thing I was looking for was time. At first I categorically refused, because I always saw this profession as a bit frivolous, but this is my huge mistake”. says the weather forecaster on the “24 Hours of Life” podcast. After he refused, he still appeared at the casting. However, the management of the television decided that Laura was not suitable for the time, but she would be great as a news anchor. A month later, she is still asked to lead the forecast, but temporarily.

Lora Georgieva gained experience in television as a sports reporter and anchor of sports news on MSAT TV, after which she became the face of the central broadcast for about 2 years. After leaving Varna TV, Laura is the host of the shop show “That’s how women do it” in BBT together with Simona Peycheva.

Before television, the Kazan woman was crowned the most beautiful high school graduate in 2007 at the “Tsaritsa Roza” competition in her hometown. As a child, Laura was very shy and did not dare to talk to anyone. As of today, she wants to teach her daughter to be human and believe in herself.

“The hardest lesson I’ve learned in my life is to believe in myself, know who I am, know what I can do and not be afraid of anything. She’s still insecure because she’s so young, but I want to teach her that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.” says the host.

Which dreams she fails to fulfill, what she would not compromise on, what is the worst mental time, will there be snow during the weekend and more from the conversation with Lora Georgieva – in the “24 hours of life” podcast on the “24 hours” website ” and across all our podcast platforms.

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