How do the zodiac signs get their revenge? |

How do the zodiac signs get their revenge? |
How do the zodiac signs get their revenge? |

Some zodiac signs do not crave retribution, easily allowing the universe to balance the situation. Others prefer furious revenge, trying to smooth over the offense with retribution. Take this fact into account when you communicate with people and understand why you behave this way towards your enemies.


Impulsive Aries are unable to accumulate grievances or plot revenge for a long time. They cannot tolerate rejection or criticism and immediately retaliate against disrespect. It’s often a real battle. Aries are not afraid of even the most powerful opponent. He will compete with the offender, trying to outshine him. The Aries woman will insidiously seduce the partner of a lady who has caused her moral damage. Its purpose is to humiliate, to put in place.


Taurus is stubborn, does not like to make mistakes and has a painful pride. He is considered one of the most vengeful zodiac signs. He is ready to forgive an offense more than once, as he is quite patient. When patience runs out, Taurus will make sure that the offender feels that he has done wrong and is filled with guilt. By organizing an emotional fight, he will show his importance, forcing him to come to terms with himself. Those who do not repent will be cut off from his life forever.


The air sign retaliates cunningly. He will spread rumors about who violated their honor. He is able to hack a social network account, puncture a car’s tires or write an offensive message to the offender’s boss on his behalf. This sign acts harshly. It is characterized by vindictiveness. Reconciling with a Gemini requires complete and sincere repentance.


Cancer does not forget insults. He will hold the hatred inside him until he reaches his limit. Although the insult eats away at him from the inside, Cancer is in no hurry to get rid of it, because he loves suffering. What revenge is the Cancer cooking? He will plan it long and in detail, but he is unlikely to carry it out. Cancer is too kind to hurt. He will try to resolve the conflict and erase the oppressive memories from his memory. If the offender is a close person, then Cancer, wiping his tears, will break the relationship.


Leos are very forgiving and do not hold grudges. If someone encroaches on their personality, they will kick the person out of their lives without hesitation, breaking off contact. The selfish sign painfully experiences personal insults. Leo will arrange for the offender to be completely socially isolated, forcing his loved ones to distance themselves from him. I will make public threats to deprive you of sleep and make you afraid of your own shadow.


Why is Virgo’s revenge dangerous? She rarely retaliates, but she always does it officially, within the law. A real negative review, public coverage of the situation, going to the police or court – revenge that Virgo is capable of. Fortunately, this sign forgives the shortcomings of other people. Those who have mortally offended the Virgin, she will erase from her life once and for all.


One of the kindest and most peaceful zodiac signs is not capable of revenge. To provoke a Libra to attack you, you must be a famous villain who threatens world stability. They can put moral pressure on the offender, threaten, write unpleasant things on behalf of someone else. Aggressive, open and efficient, Libra does not retaliate. It is easier for them to forgive a person than to waste energy on punishing him.


Astrologer Liz Roby considers Scorpio to be the most evil zodiac sign, which knows well the weaknesses of the offender. He will harbor a grudge and wait for the right moment to sting accurately and painfully. Offending Scorpio is not easy as it is a patient sign. More than anything else, the lies hurt him. The deceived Scorpio will get a cold revenge on a well-thought-out plan. He will suddenly and mercilessly destroy an important part of his life, forcing the offender to wash himself with tears and curse the day he crossed the path of the cold-blooded sign.


Sagittarius does not like attacks in his direction and is capable of a sharp and decisive rebuff. You can appease him with sincere repentance. This sign is very noble and able to forgive. He will express his claims personally. He will not choose expressions and will go to his bright, interesting life, leaving the loser behind. Revenge in the form of verbal humiliation allows the Sagittarius to free himself from the burden of the insult and move forward happily.


The dangerous thing is that outwardly this sign is always calm. The transgressor who hurt his ego will be shocked to suddenly face Capricorn’s revenge. More than anything else, this sign dislikes threats to personal stability and security. He is one of those who quietly added poison to food during the Middle Ages. Offended Capricorns can bide their time, patiently plotting revenge. Their unwavering determination and excellent memory make them formidable opponents. Capricorn is waiting for the moment to strike and destroy your reputation. He is able to pursue the culprit of his problems until the end of his days.


He takes revenge unnoticed, but painfully and unexpectedly. Loves dirty little tricks. His favorite hobby is gaslighting, in which the offender seems to go quietly mad. Aquarius is capable of undermining financial stability, giving “good” advice on investing money in a failed project, or luring them into a mythical charity. Likes to write fake lawsuits and denunciations. Tarnishing the offender’s reputation in the eyes of the neighbors is Aquarius’ favorite method.


Developing a plan for revenge, Pisces trembles with anger. When the plan is ready, they calm down and rarely carry it out. They are able to draw a cartoon, record and distribute an offensive song. They will happily give bad advice so the offender will follow it and get screwed. Representatives of the sign know the pain points and precisely hit them with scathing words. Pisces betrayed by a partner will make them fall in love with him to death and leave him, breaking his heart.

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