Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov are hiding a divorce

Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov are hiding a divorce
Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov are hiding a divorce
Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov are among the longest-standing families in the pop guild, but for years the singer did not bear the surname of the composer. In all official documents, she appears with the name of her previous husband, Jurek Rybinski, a Pole. Even in the official data registers, the singer is recorded as Rybinska, which makes her admirers wonder whether she and Razvigor were ever married at all, or whether in their long life together they still had a love crisis, during which they quietly divorced .

However, before the paths of the music legends crossed, both of them had previous marriages, and the singer even more than one. Her feelings were strongest for the Pole Jurek Rybinski, known as the bass player of the social group “No To Tso”. They met Mimi on a tour in the Soviet Union, where she went to make money, and returned to Bulgaria with her husband. Then thanks to he broke through on the Polish stage as well, singing with many of the local celebrities and quickly becoming a star. At the same time, however, he again went on tour to Russia with the band Razvigor also played in. There their forbidden love flared up, while both were married and their partners are waiting for them to come home from a trip. Returning to her husband, Mimi could not stand without Razvigor and was the first to pick up the phone. After a while, the two decided that they could not live a lie and had to be honest with their husbands After breaking up with Yurek, Mimi completely forgot him, but kept his last name, writes “Retro”.

Not long ago in Poland, he was badly beaten and almost lost his life due to severe injuries on his body. His current wife found him on the floor of their home beaten nearly to death, unconscious and lying in a pool of blood. She was in the bedroom while the brutal thieves tortured Yurek. Despite the shock, the musician’s wife managed to quickly call an ambulance and the police, but the bandits escaped with the loot – Rybinski’s wallet, his wife’s jewelry and the laptop. As a result of the beating, Mimi Ivanova’s former lover lost the sight in one eye. Doctors barely managed to save him because he had severe head injuries. He recovered from them for months.

Last year, Mimi and Razvigor went through a difficult life drama, namely the oncological diagnosis that was given to the composer. He was able to beat the insidious disease with a bloodless operation to remove a tumor and then several therapies. To date, he has already been restored and he and his wife are once again giving concerts all over the country.

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