Angela Pearl’s COMPLETE December Horoscope: CANCER, Make Your Dreams Come True! CAPRICORN, December is a time for good income!

Angela Pearl’s COMPLETE December Horoscope: CANCER, Make Your Dreams Come True! CAPRICORN, December is a time for good income!
Angela Pearl’s COMPLETE December Horoscope: CANCER, Make Your Dreams Come True! CAPRICORN, December is a time for good income!


You should not reject the help of your parents and other relatives. In December, a new business or an old investment can bring income. In any case, this will be a very successful month for financial affairs. December will be a very harmonious month in terms of love and intimacy. Venus in the eighth house will bring many positive changes and emotions. This month Aries will learn a lot of new things – this will strengthen their faith and improve their mood.


This month is favorable for intimacy, romantic meetings and new acquaintances. The astrologer advises not to be afraid to open up to people. This will help to get rid of mental wounds. The time will begin to sign important documents, apply for loans and solve important financial problems: buying or successfully selling an apartment. The full moon in December can bring favorable news regarding family and friends. Before the New Year, you will be able to properly direct all your energy and strength.


Many conflict situations will be successfully resolved in December. At the beginning of the month, the activity of Venus will lead to changes in the love sphere. It is worth taking care of your health, starting a diet, spending more time in the fresh air, eating less sweets.

Venus is the planet of pleasures, so it is better to temporarily distance yourself from them. Mercury will activate luck in work and business – negotiations, interviews, concluding contracts, new projects will be positive. On December 22, the Sun will also enter the house of finance, so accidental financial gains are very likely.


The Moon is in the house of joy, love and creativity. This planet will help Cancers to succeed both in the love sphere and in business. You can calmly get to know each other, start new projects, make your dreams come true. This will be a time of discoveries, and from December 6, important changes may occur in the sphere of relationships and partnerships. Physical activity will be positive due to the relevance of Mars.


Venus will help attract luck in almost all areas. This is a great time for reconciliation, improving relationships in the family and at work. Venus will contribute to successful purchases and the appearance of joy. Energy, sexuality, emotional and physical stamina will increase. New energy and new aspirations will emerge. This month will be ideal for starting a family. The presence of planets in the fifth house guarantees the emergence of new ideas in work and business, a certain creative flourishing.


The month begins with financial well-being, business victories and complete inner harmony. New acquaintances, romantic meetings and meetings with old acquaintances will be useful. Also in December, any training, acquisition of any knowledge and skills is recommended. Until the 7th, the astrologer advises to take a closer look at discounts – you should not rule out profitable purchases. A change of scenery or a business trip, a spontaneous short vacation will be positive. This will help attract even more luck.


Shopping in mid to late December will be extremely beneficial. Information, training and knowledge acquisition will be of particular value. Global changes are possible in the lives of relatives, so you should be ready to meet them and reach out for help. Mercury will speed up all processes and make Libra’s life more dynamic. Meetings based on interests and unexpected acquaintances are possible. December 22 – At this culminating moment, Libra will clarify what will happen in the future and be able to get rid of anxiety


All the planets are distributed correctly, so it will be easier for Scorpios to find the way to harmony. December will be the most favorable month, but Scorpios will have to start working on themselves. Learning new skills will prove to be a worthwhile investment of time and effort. Attention and creative energy will be at their best, so intellectual work can be very productive. The planets and stars are positioned in such a way that meetings with old friends and distant relatives will be auspicious. Reconciliation and release from toxic relationships are possible.


December is a time of selfishness and personal affairs. Sagittarius should do what they like best. You have to like yourself, show love to yourself. You can change the situation, go on vacation, change your image. There is a possibility that one of your acquaintances will pay off the debts of a Sagittarius. In general, the time is very suitable for financial matters, but only at the very beginning and at the very end of the month. Venus will be in the twelfth house of secrets, so many current issues may not be resolved clearly. From December 8 to December 22 new beginnings and any work will be favorable. Angela Pearl also notes the desire of the planets to rid Sagittarius of the negative viral programs accumulated throughout the year.


December is a time for good income. The 11th house is the house of results, so in business and affairs you will be able to see the first positive results of the efforts made previously. The most favorable time is until December 13. A change of scenery and long trips are possible. This will relieve stress and increase energy. Capricorns will have a choice – to spend the weekend and pre-holiday days in solitude or among close people. Both choices will be correct. December will be a great time for rest, for finishing projects, preparation period, focusing on data collection, documentation.


December will be marked by career growth. This will be a time of good news in the financial and business sphere. Perhaps a promotion at work, a favorable change of environment – a change in the place of work, relocation, a sudden increase in comfort. The tenth house, in which Venus will be, is a time of recognition, aspirations, career growth and office romances. Love and business will be intertwined, but they will remain independent, so you should not limit yourself to one thing – you should do everything your heart desires.


December is a lucky time for Pisces. The astrologer advises you to study something new. A new acquaintance will be useful, and it does not matter whether you meet on the Internet or in real life. This will be a period of good news, empowerment, strengthening of beliefs, new ideas and creative flourishing. Spiritual searches will be crowned with success – they will lead to harmony. You must beware of violations of laws, legal disputes and conflicts in general. For some, the stars will help change their life principles. Favorable news awaits Pisces, as well as requests for mentorship. You may need to become a teacher and mentor to someone.

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